Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Big White Farmhouse: Kitchen Inspiration

Progress on the kitchen this week has been a little slow....

However, the walls are primed and painted in the kitchen as well as the dining and pantry rooms ... so that's good. And today, the hardwood floors were partially installed (kitchen only) and tomorrow the cabinets go in.

Hallejuah!!! (if you can't sense my excitement - then imagine me doing about four back flips in a row - which would be pretty wild since I can't even do one let alone a single cart wheel!).

By Friday, a different group will come to take final measurements for the granite countertops that will be installed about one week later. That is ... if .... everything goes smoothly.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share some photos that inspired the design of my kitchen, in addition to a few unique pieces that I've picked up along the way!

I started this kitchen design journey on Pinterest, pinning everything I loved with a variety of designs and color schemes. The kitchens that dreams were made of. Eventually, I transitioned over to Houzz, which is similar to Pinterest in that it is a digital bulletin board but only for home design.

But whether it was Pinterest or Houzz, I kept coming back to the same general look ... soft white cabinets, hickory hardwood floors, a rustic oak island and golden granite countertops.

The picture above is the No. 1 inspiration for my kitchen. Now some of the features such as backsplash and inset refrigerator will not be in my kitchen, but the floors and cabinets will look similar.

I also loved this one ...

The island. In one word - fabulous!

And this one ...

Love the copper backsplash and ... the sink! For some reason, I could not sell my hubby on a farmhouse sink, but that's a battle I was willing to lose since everything else I got the green light for.

I've learned through this farmhouse remodel that I'm kind of a light nut meaning I'm a bit particular about my light fixtures. I think it all started with my closet light. The closet light spoiled me on all future lights.

I'm an Etsy lover too. God bless Etsy. I found this amazing light fixture for above our center island and knew it was just perfect. It should be delivered this week and I'm almost as excited about this staggered Mason Jar light fixture as I am the entire kitchen. Yes. I am weird.

And I went back and forth on stools for the kitchen island. I kinda liked this tractor seat stool - but the hubby thought it was a bit too country. Yah I know. Too country? Is that like too much fun?

I love Wayfair! I can do some serious damage on that site! They have great variety, excellent quality and the site is simple and easy to navigate! And ... they often have deeply discounted items and always free 2 day shipping even on the big items. Love you Wayfair! Thanks for being a winner in my book!

I settled on these stools and was able to purchase them less than $100 each - which if you've ever priced stools most are $150 and up. I think they will fit in perfect - give the kitchen some vintage country appeal but also not detract from the beauty of the kitchen.

For our floors, I wanted something that would be true to form for our old 100 plus old farmhouse so we went with a Mohawk hickory hardwood - a narrow board - which is not necessarily in the in-style but it is what was installed in our home when it was first built. As they begin to install the floor today - I learned that I love it even more than the day I saw the sample.

Can't wait to see how this all comes together!

More next week ...

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Big White Farmhouse Renovation - Part 5

When my friends are all like my house is a mess ... my kitchen is a disaster - I sigh and say ... "I betcha mine is worse!" 

It really is folks, because right now my kitchen is a bare room with nothing but new drywall to its name. 

We are in the middle of the kitchen, pantry, dining room and laundry room renovation on the first floor of our Big White Farmhouse Renovation (See Part 1, 2, 3, 4 here). Currently, our kitchen, dining room and pantry stuff is resting in our living room mostly covered in reno dust. It sounds pretty gross and it kinda is. 

Since we have no kitchen, dining or living room, our finished upstairs is our entire house and main oasis. We enjoy dry breakfast upstairs and most all other meals at my mom's or anyone else who is willing to cook us dinner including McDonald's or Chicago's Pizza. I kid ... surprisingly we haven't ate out much at all - good thing because my waist line would kick my butt for that! 

We began the reno on the first floor on August 3rd - that puts us about 3 weeks in with at least 3 weeks to go. Patience is key - this is what I keep telling myself. This will all be over soon and I'll have a kitchen again and it will be fabulous! 

So enough talking - let's get down to the lath board of this first floor reno ... 

First let's check out the before ... 

Dallas' parents who owned the house before us renovated the house shortly after they were married in 1974. Lots of memories and special times shared in this kitchen over the years. Excited to create new ones with our girls in our new space!

This door leads to the pantry/side entry/stairs to the basement. This doorway will be covered up since there is an additional door to the entry/basement stairs from the living room. We will be creating a new pantry space.

Eat-in kitchen table. This will be replaced by a center island with stools. 

On August 3rd the demolition of the kitchen began ... cabinets, island and appliances are removed.

Corner where the fridge once stood.

One week in and the wall between the kitchen and the dining room (seen here) is almost out. We took two chimneys and a laundry shoot out upstairs to make more space. The second phase of the chimney removal is the first floor. This will give a more open floor plan to the kitchen and dining space. 

View into the kitchen. One chimney is out on the right. You can see the old laundry shoot in silver on the right. Cool but not very practical because our laundry is not in the basement.

Drop ceiling is out in the kitchen and ceiling is also down in the dining room.

Corner where the refrigerator once stood. Down to the lath board now.

You can see our old laundry room to the left. We are creating a pantry room and laundry room from this space. The pantry will have a door from the kitchen. The laundry will have an entry from the back room which is the same as it's always been. 

Future pantry area.

Second chimney is about to come down.

Giant hole in the floor from the chimney.

Lath board

Goodbye chimney with no fireplace. Hey if the chimney was in the living room I would be all about it. 

Wall is completely down between the dining room and kitchen. Looking so much more open! 

This pocket door is closed to the living room. When open these three rooms (kitchen, dining, living room) will feel very open. 

Moving the doorway for the pantry and beginning the electrical updates. Can lights will be installed in the kitchen, dining room, a custom light fixture over the island and a chandelier in the dining room.  

Room framed up for the new pantry. 

Last week the kitchen and dining room were drywalled. Starting to look like a house again. 

Pantry is drywalled too.

New window in the kitchen, just a smidgen bigger than the one that was there before. 

Doorway is drywalled over where you could entry the former pantry/basement steps.

Loving how it's coming along!

This space just feels huge to me!

 This week, they will take down the rest of the wallpaper in the dining room and start painting. Also, my new hardwood floors are in. Cabinets are set for install on September 3 - so far we are on target!

The end is in sight, folks ... I'm excited to see the finished product! Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Big White Farmhouse Renovation - Part 4

At times, completion of the Big White Farmhouse second floor renovation seemed distant and unattainable. 

But God bless hope. 

After nearly 6.5 months of demo, dust, drywall, water line busts, electrical blow outs, waiting, waiting, waiting and then more weeks of finishing work, we finally completed work on the second floor. And it was worth every single day of every week of waiting. 

The second floor is everything we've ever dreamed and we are loving it. That's right, we officially moved houses in late March and are loving our new bigger space, closets and our three bathrooms. And a custom closet built for dreams, my friends. 

We still have some work to do on the main floor of the house, ie. the kitchen and painting and what not to make it our own, but we are here and it's home now! 

So to catch you up, here are some pictures of the last few weeks of renovation and then the BIG reveal of the two new bathrooms and our new master custom closet. Or if you need a refresher on the entire elephant of a project, check out Part 1, 2, and 3

"Shine bright like a diamond."

Paint up in Miss Ruby's bedroom.

Drywall finished and paint up in hall. 

New layout of hallway, just waiting on carpet and well ... clean-up.

Vanity lights up in master bath.

Bathroom is coming together. Love the blue-green paint that compliments the mosaic bath tile.

Original woodwork was all completely refinished. So beautiful and worth the extra time.

Love this original door all shined up like new.

Finishing work complete on girl's shower/bath.

Girls' bath room is ready for little hands & toes!

Love the white vanity with soft close drawers and marble counter.

Miss RayRay's walk-in closet and new sub-floor.

Ruby isn't sure this shouldn't be her closet....

Miss RayRay's room full of contractor gear but almost ready for carpet.

Hall looking from RayRay's room to the master.

Loving these original brass door knobs. Gives the house character and authenticity. 

Now .... The BIG REVEAL .... otherwise known as the after-photos.

Shower in the master bath with custom built glass doors and rain shower head.

Large marble soaking tub. Ahhh...

Tub and shower with new commode (with a soft close seat - I highly recommend - no more slamming!).

White vanity with marble counter and Allen and Roth mirror. 

Loving the views from the Big White Farmhouse. Key word with this post is clearly ... LOVE!

In case you wondered what lotions and body spray I use. 

No linen storage in the bathroom so I purchased this brushed nickel shelf from Wayfair and it fits perfect in our bath.
 The master closet designed with the help of California Closets. Those guys are closet geniuses. But really, they do amazing work and offer a tremendous value. We are so happy we had the opportunity to work with CC. We love our new closet space!

Plenty of shelving, even for a few personal items.

And storage for shoes of course.

Drawers and plenty of room for shoes as well as a pull-out hamper for Big D and myself. 

Window bench with storage.

Big D's side of the closet. He does own more than five pairs of shoes I promise. But many of them have pig manure on them so they don't get to see the likes of this lovely closet!

Drawers, shelves for shoes, hats, jeans, sweatshirts, etc and four hanging bars. The man also asked for a valet bar to set his clothes out for special occasions. He got into the design of the closet a lot more than I anticipated, but I'm not complaining. 

My side of the closet. Plenty of shelves, hanging rods and long hanging rods. 

Rod for long-hanging items, ie. dresses. 

New soft-close drawers replaced our large dresser that is now in Miss RayRay's room.

Crystal chandelier from Pottery Barn to add a little glamour to the closet space. Because why not. I don't plan to move ever. again. 

This is now hanging in our bedroom (thanks Hobby Lobby). I love it. ;)

Finished view of the girls' bathroom. I went very girly with ruffles (Lauren Conrad from Kohls), lace curtains (not seen here from Country Curtains) and vintage hand towels from Target.

Again, no linen closet, so I found this white linen cabinet on and it's the perfect size and compliments the space nicely. 

Big girl potty and baby girl potty. 

Miss RayRay wanted the bathroom to be My Little Pony, but I went the classy route but appeased her anyways with this princess nightlight.

Someone loves having her own bathroom in what other color, but pink of course! 
More photos to follow from our bedroom, the hallway and the girls bedrooms. And we will begin renovations on the first floor at some point in the next few weeks. The kitchen will be the last big project for 2015 and I'm super excited to share our plans with you and friends and family.

Sometimes friends ask me if I'm tired of picking out colors, trim, decoratives and making plans. Not yet. I love the creativity that our contractor has afforded me and thank goodness for the folks on Pinterest and Houzz for inspiring me with color, design and so much more. It has been a fun, though exhausting process for everyone involved.

This house has been a dream worth waiting on and I can't wait to raise our girls in this beautiful family home. This house was built to make memories in and I'm ready to start our new journey!
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