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First INtry - baby steps, ya'll!

By April 20, 2010

Welcome to Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tales. Officially, this is my first blog entry, so I hope I entice you well enough to follow my posts. They are sure to include humor, chaotic organization and details of fun life as a farm wife, expectant mommy and so-called Mary Kay beauty guru - keeping it fabulous when at all possible!

This time of year, I commonly refer to myself as a 'spring widow,' since my farmer husband - Big D - is well into fieldwork on our farm in Indiana or Ohio. Whether it's discing, spraying fertilizer or planting corn and soybeans - he is working 20 some hours a day and our meals together consist of a 5 minute exchange at the end of a corn row to pass him a pail of dinner delights!

At the same time, I am entering my 26th week of pregnancy - yes, you read correctly -this Hoosier Farm Babe and her Big D are expecting our first born - a baby girl. Yes, we found out! Next week, I will get tested for gestational diabetes. Stay posted for results/what to REALLY expect when you're expecting!! Haha!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about the remaining weeks of pregnancy and life after baby girl arrives.

  2. Love that you've started this! Can't wait to read more! Keep staying fabulous!

  3. Your reads are delightful! Looking forward to more.

  4. You're just fabulous! You inspire me with all that you do from blogging to upcoming motherhood and farm wife duties to MK glam. Where do you find the time? Can't wait to see what comes next from Hoosier Farm Babe!