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Sounding off on dairy abuse video

By May 26, 2010

Late Tuesday, the radical animal activist group Mercy for Animals (MFA) released an undercover video concerning serious allegations of animal abuse on a family-owned dairy farm near Plain City, Ohio.


The investigation spanning a four-week period showed employees of Conklin Dairy savagely beating cows and heifers, stomping on newborn calves and prodding milk cows aggressively with pitchforks. To be honest, the video was extremely difficult to watch. I grew up on a small registered Jersey farm in central Ohio, and I absolutely cannot imagine treating any one of my cows (even the most rotten ones) with this type of violent action.

For me, what's even more disgusting about this video (and investigation) is that the employee taping these incidents allowed this behavior to go on for four weeks in order to gather "enough" information to turn in to the county prosceutor in Union County. What kind of employee or animal activist for that matter would allow even a small dose of this behavior to continue without notifying a manager right away. It makes me sick to think it went on for so long without being stopped! If I was witnessing this kind of behavior, I may have the inclination to take the pitchfork and prod the employee right out of the barn. That's what someone who truly cares about animals would do! For crying out loud!

I am huge proponent of animal welfare and proper care - why - because if we don't take care of our animals - they won't take care of us - by providing wholesome, nutritious products that we can market to support our livelihood. I will not support the behavior of animals rights groups such as these, however - that complete a four-week investigation - without saying one word to try and stop the abuse. I wish folks who support groups such as PETA, HSUS, Farm Sanctuary and Mercy for Animals could see thru this smokescreen. Their true agenda is to rid America of livestock production altogether and promote veganism. They don't truly care about animals- they only intend to support actions that propel their own agenda.

Also - I should make note that Conklins are taking action to clean up their act and take responsibility for their actions ...  "We have conducted an initial review of the video that the activist group has released," said Gary Conklin. "The video shows animal care that is clearly inconsistent with the high standards we set for our farm and its workers, and we find the specific mistreatment shown on the video to be reprehensible and unacceptable."

"We will not condone animal abuse on our farm. We have launched our own internal investigation into this matter and will be conducting interviews with everyone on our farm who works with our animals."

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  1. Wow. I totally missed that. I will NOT be watching the video, but I totally agree with you! Why in the world would they wait 4 weeks?

    But I know that most farms are NOT like that. It's kind of like teaching - all teachers are constantly being scrutinized because of a few bad apples.

  2. You go girl!! Animal care is #1 priority!

  3. Well said! Nicely done, Meggie.