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There's no turning back now!

By May 06, 2010

Throughout life, a woman comes upon several realizations that her life is changing and that there is no turning back. Last night, another big one hit me .... 

Of course, you have your obvious "changes" when you come upon the pubesant years. Then you have the drama of high school, dating, getting your license, turning 18 and departing from high school into the world of college, thus opening the flood gates to adulthood ... although for me it still took a while to actually "grow up" per se.

Well here I sit now, almost 28 years old, got a great job at Farm World Newspaper, been married nearly 5 years to Big D, farming on our own for about 3 years and expecting our first bambino in July. Well - when we decided to start a family I knew alot of things would change in our lives, but I didn't really anticipate this one ... (are you digging the suspense ...?!)

You see last night I attended a fun monthly dinner club with a great group of farm gals in celebration of Cinco de Mayo! (many of these gals would make excellent future bloggers BTW - Lindsey and Betsy - I am referring to YOU! And Miss Hannah is already an outstanding blogger - check her out at Off the Cuff and Indypendent   http://offthecuffandindypendent.blogspot.com/)

As I sat across the dinner table enjoying some guac and chips and a glass of water (no margarita for me and talk of margaritas didn't really interest me, surprising - I know!), I found out quickly that I really was the odd (wo)man in the group. I am different now ... my priorities have changed while anticipating for the arrival of our Baby Girl and I'm OK with that. I'm finding I have more to talk about with mommys and mommys to be. The old days of partying and drinking are falling farther behind me. However, I know my friends will revel in the day when they can share some stories of my pre-baby days when my daughter is old enough and hopefully old enough to know better than I did!

So so so ... the new realization ... I'm becoming a mommy, I'm starting to think more like a mommy and enjoy more conversations with women who know what the heck I'm going through or about to go through. My days as a recent college grad are well behind me now, also as a newlywed and the idea of enjoying an occasional beverage at a party or cattle show honestly just isn't as important to me anymore. Am I becoming the odd (wo)man out? Well if I am ... I like how it feels, it feels just right! Which is really a very good thing, because the idea of mommyhood will be reality in less than 3 months now!

To my best girlfriends - I'm still the same gal, just with a growing set of new, very important priorities - so you'll have to forgive me as my conversations may lean toward the mommy side here and there, and a little of everywhere!

So even though I was a little bummed going into the dinner last night thinking I couldn't even have a sip of once-loved mucho margarita - I left with a new realization on my mind and a new set of priorities that are beginning to consume my life. And I couldn't be happier about it. So while I'm closing Chapter 100 to my HoosierFarmBabe life, the pages to Chapter 101 are slowing creeping open and I'm loving what I'm reading on these new pages!

Tata for now!

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  1. I totally understand what you mean! I was the first of my friends to have a baby, so I needed to have some new, mommy friends. I took a prenatal water aerobics class and met a few women who I am still close to almost 2 years later. I loved having those mommies to commiserate with and ask advice. :)

  2. I can't wait (but am definitely waiting, don't get any ideas quite yet) to join the new mommy club. My life is becoming more filled with great role model parents (as I'm SURE you and Big D will be) and I can't wait to tap you for advice! We'll always have our field in common and I'll be happy to buy baby girl Foster her first Cactus Cup ;-)

  3. I completely understand as well as I was the first of my college friends to have a baby and until earlier this year, I was the only working mom amongst us. It can be a little tough at times, but being a mommy is the greatest thing ever. Happy Mother's Day Mommy-to-be!

  4. What a beautiful and real post. I am so excited for you:) Motherhood isn't always easy, but it is always worth it.

    I can't wait to read chapter 101 mama! Lookin' forward to "staying fabulous amidst the spit up and poopy diapers"...

    Happy 1st Mother's Day:)

  5. Welcome to the club!! Great job!

  6. I am one of the last of my friends to have kids, so we're a bit on the other side of the spectrum yet. Congrats on "growing up!" I left you something over at my blog - alarmclockwars.wordpress.com.