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Losing a companion

By June 02, 2010 , ,

For me, writing is certainly a form of therapy, it always has been. So today, I've got to take a moment to reflect on a loving companion of the Foster family we lost last night.

But first let me explain a couple things ...  Big D and I are huge animal lovers, I know you're surprised, right. When Big D and I got married in the fall of 2005, I said I wanted to take the pet step in a certain order. He agreed ... somewhat - except on the horse inclusion. First ... a cat, then a dog, a second horse and then think about having a baby ... all within about our first five years of marriage. Well you can plan all you want, but as many of us know God has his own plans for us. So first we got one cat - Doc, then a second cat - Bear, a second horse Roxy, a dog - Grace, then we found out in November of 2009 that we were expecting a bambina in July 2010.

Doc was our first family kitty that we adopted from the local shelter. In a way, he sort of became Big D's baby. He was an inside kitty, extremely spoiled and especially loved. Last night, when I returned from work - we noticed he was missing. Instantly, Big D and I became worried and scoured the farm for site of our beautiful grey friend. No sign ... then this morning as Big D was getting ready to haul weaned pigs off the farm he noticed a grey kitty alongside the road. Confirmed -it was our precious Doc. A part of our family we'd loved since we first became a Mr. and Mrs. I know for many folks - it's just a cat - but Doc was definitely part of our family. The house won't be the same without his silly antics, playful spirit and genuine love. Today, he will be buried next to another very dear companion of our family ... Jack, my first horse.

Yes, unfortunately, earlier this year, we had to put to sleep my beloved Jack, a horse I sort of inherited when I was about 12 years old. Jack and I were the same age, 27, and lived thru it ALL together. It was absolutely heartbreaking to lose him and now that pain is returning as we place Doc next to his side. Jack was special in many ways - but by far his personality is what has set him aside from the rest. The farm is certainly not the same without Doc or Jack.

Anyone that is an animal lover, has had a ever lost a family dog or cat - knows this kind of heartache and can relate. Thanks for reading my therapeutic prose.

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  1. I'm sorry for the loss of your dear kitty. Pets have a way of working themselves into our lives, even when we don't notice it. And then, once they're gone, things just don't feel right anymore. :(

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. We too had kitties (pre- Add) and they were so loved. We lost one a few years back and it was so hard.

  3. Sorry to hear about Doc and Jack. We got our Border Collie, Pixie, shortly after we got married so she will be 10 years old this fall and I dread the day that she is no longer here as she was our "first baby" and our real babies love her.

  4. We lost our first dog and my long-time cat (from before I was married) within a year of each other- those are rough times. Pets add so much to our lives. I'm so sorry.

  5. A beloved cat (or any other animal) is never 'just a cat' .... they are an important part of the family that's lucky enough to have them. Here's hoping that after the pain of losing him passes, you'll recall the great times you had with him.

  6. It is sooo hard to lose a pet, isn't it? I feel your pain and I'm sorry you're going through this.

  7. I just found out you have a blog, how very exciting. What is not exciting, however, is the loss of your kitty. If anyone feels your pain, it's me. Our cat, Mai Tai, is my baby and I can't imagine losing him... so he just better live forever :) Anyways, congrats on the upcoming baby and I'm exciting to keep up with your blog. I blog too - although not nearly as often as I should!