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40+ weeks and ready for baby (for the most part!)

By July 30, 2010 , ,

Wednesday, July 28 marked 40 weeks in my pregnancy journey ... seems hard to believe. For the most part, it feels like my pregnancy has flown by - but looking back we've gotten alot done around the house since we found out I was pregnant Thanksgiving of last year.

Let's see ....
-We cleaned out and sorted the junk in our upstairs attic
-We remodeled the upstairs of our home to convert it into a master bedroom
-Carpeted the upstairs, stairwell and nursery
-Painted the nursery and built nursery furniture
-Stenciled a border in the nursery
-We reroofed our home
-Paved our driveway
-Installed a "new" grain handling system on the farm

There's been a few other small projects  - but those are the major ones! Needless to say, we're READY for baby to be here. Although, I'd be lying now if I said I wasn't a bit scared of what lies ahead (and I don't mean the birth and labor part ... I mean everything after that!) I've probably read 5 baby books ... with my absolute favorite being Baby Bargains!

So it looks like if baby doesn't arrive by TODAY Friday, July 30 ... the doc has me scheduled to be induced. I know folks have mixed feelings about this - but generally whatever my doctor recommends I take pretty seriously.

So I guess this post is TO BE CONTINUED ....

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  1. Heard the great news that your Baby Girl is here. Congrats! Should you change your name to HoosierFarmBabyMama?

  2. Congrats!! and lol on Megan's name suggestion! :)