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The Good, Bad and Ugly!

By July 05, 2010

Rain can be a farmer's best friend or a farmer's enemy depending on the time of the year, the quantity and frequency. But despite the fact that we've had well over 10 inches of rain in the last 60 days here in the Midwest - my hubby Big D is still calling all the rainfall we've received lately a "good thing." He tells me "You'll make a better crop in a wet year than a dry year."

Well in my own opinion - rain provides both its benefits when in excess and its negatives as you'll soon see below!

Let's start with the positives or the Good if you will....

I basically have not had to water my flowers at all and they look GREAT!

Remember that old saying ... "knee high corn by the Fourth of July" ... yea our corn is well well above "knee high" maybe 7.5'-8'  tall now and tasseled (and this photo was taken a week ago) This makes Big D very happy. Now ... lucky all of our corn and soybeans got planted early enough (May and April) that it wasn't drowned out and could handle most of the water. Not everyone was so lucky.

Now for the the Bad and Ugly part of rain ...

Weeds ... yes-siree the weeds in my landscaping have taken off at about the same rate as my perennials and annuals. I recently sprayed these little devils recently so hopefully they'll disappear soon! Buh-bye ugly weeds!

Remember how I mentioned earlier that many corn and bean fields in our area experienced severely damaging flooding recently. Well, my horse pasture was also succumb to the ugliness of rain. Apparently we have a real low spot in the southeast corner of my horse pasture with poor drainage and after 3.5 weeks of solid raining it become a lovely (que sarcasm) pond for quite a while. The rain basically suffocated the grass and produced the most disgusting rotten smell of death to grass you've ever smelled! It will take most of the summer for my pasture to recover into its bright, green once self!

Special thanks goes out to my little helper for this entry! Notice her pink collar, um yea ... she's just a little bit fabulous too! :)

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  1. lol. Love the pink collar.

    We've had a lot of rain in Iowa, too. With the same results.

  2. Reminds me of that new country song; "Rain is a good thing." Don't recall who sings it, but the message is the same. HOpe you had a great holiday weekend!

  3. I love farms! I'm visiting from Welcome Wednesday. I signed up to be a new follower.


  4. I have attack of the weeds going on here too. BTW- I just left you an award at: http://www.goodenessgracious.com/2010/07/goode-friends-awards.html