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Wordless Wednesday!

By July 28, 2010

Yesterday was my 28th birthday and my hubby - Big D - picked this card out for me! He said he had a lovey dovey card picked out until he found this one - God love him - he knows a cute picture of baby calves alone is sure to make me smile!

The inside says "Do something uplifting on your birthday!"

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  1. I love finding cards like these! So cute and funny. Happy belated birthday. You know if you wait a few more days, Baby Foster, can share a birthday with me!

  2. That is an AWESOME B-day Card!! You gotta love farm humor! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Love it! Happy Birthday! I think you are the third blogger to celebrate one in the last day or so!

  4. what a hoot, came by way of WW

  5. Love it!! :) Hope it was a good one!