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Dancing With the Stars Week 2 RECAP: So Long Mr. Bolton

By September 30, 2010 , ,

As I predicted last week, this week was Balladeer Mr. Michael Bolton's last night on the Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) dancefloor. On Monday evening, he performed the Jive to "Hound Dog," by Elvis Presley and during the performance his partner Chelsie Hightower had him crawl out of a doghouse. That's not a cheesy gimmick at all ... OMG! I mean c'mon Chelsie did you really think that would WOW the judges. But that wasn't the end of it - Bolton successfully pulled off an entire terrible routine - he was stiff, awkward and slow; and I was just waiting for the madness to END! One of the judges - Bruno took out his disgust on Bolton by giving him the lowest scoring paddle I've ever seen pulled ... a 3. Needless to say it wasn't looking good for Bolton during the Tuesday elimination.

Also in the "bottom two" were The Situation and Karina. I have to say I had some hope for The Situation and he let me down big time with his military-inspired Quick Step. He made it through this week, but my prediction is that next week will be his last on DWTS.

My favorite this week is going to HAVE to be Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek Hough. Grey pulled out an absolutely stellar Jive performance in a super sexy gold fringy dress to die for. She is the one to beat in my opinion. Check out her fun performance ... kinda makes you wanna dance (well me at least!)!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted the video! I didn't watch. But she is amazing!!! How old is she? She looks great!

    Did they say anything about the kick about 2/3 of hte way through? They were dancing face to face and Derrick kicked really high (above waist) and she kicked at calf level. Or are girls not supposed to kick high in the jive?

  2. I haven't been watching this season. Glad you shared this clip... I just might start back up now, that is the kind of stuff I love about this show... doghouses--not so much.