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Learning as I go!

By September 02, 2010 , ,

Wow!! It has been a little while since I've blogged (hopefully it won't be this long til you hear from me next!) ... it seems everytime I get on my computer to do a few things someone in my home starts crying, demanding immediate attention, which she gets just about as quick as we can get to her. Reagan our little angel, is now one month old, although it seems as though she's been in our lives for a lifetime!

It was my intention for some time during my pre-baby, pregnancy period that one of our very first outings would be to the Great Indiana State Fair. I can not remember a year when I've missed the State Fair, EVER (either Ohio State or Indiana's). Even when I was just a few weeks old, my mom packed me up and we showed cattle at the Fair in August ... we wouldn't miss it.

So after Reagan, my daughter was born, my anticipation and anxiety grew about our trip to the State Fair during one of the hottest, most humid summers in my most recent memory. At just two weeks old, I had several family and friends caution me about taking her to the fair. Some of it old wives tales - I suppose ... And as a new momma who'd barely been out of the house since she was born, never changed a diaper in public or nursed in public - I was scared to death as it is. And the thought of Reagan getting sick or sunburnt during our outing weighed heavy on my mind.

I quickly realized that my desire to go to the State Fair was about ME, NOT about Reagan. With that, I began to understand what sacrifice is all about. Not going to the State Fair (Jersey show) believe it or not is a pretty big deal in my book, so that the fact that I didn't go for my daughter's sake - for her health - is a big sacrifice on my part. Better safe than sorry and plus I figured we should at least try to go to Walmart before we hit the major events like the State Fair!

But honestly once the day passed over - I was fine with it - and already made reservations for one of my favorite shows in the world - the North American International Livestock Expo in Louisville, Ky., in November. By that time, we'll have had numerous adventures outside of the house and my angel will be 3 months old with her immunity built up substantially at that point.

Being a mother is certainly still new and uncharted territory for me - but I'm learning quickly that I'll do anything, sacrifice anything for this sweet baby girl!


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  1. sigh. It's so true. This will not be the last time you miss something because of your sweetie. But it's so worth it! As she gets older and she gets on a schedule, you'll realize that maintaining that schedule is really important, and you'll miss things for that reason, too. But, the world will wait! She'll only be this little for awhile! Enjoy it!

  2. Your post brings back so many memories! I totally remember feeling that way. Soak all of this time up. It flies!

  3. you will definitely miss more things but it is all worth it when you look at your sweet little one:-) and I agree, they grow up way too fast!

  4. Will Miss Reagan be joining us this weekend?

  5. oh, it is only the beginning of letting go of what you think you want. I can already tell you are going to be a fantastic mother to your precious little gal.

  6. You and Reagan look beautiful. Welcome to being a mom and just I suspected you are doing great!! Can't wait to meet her.