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Psyched for daaa ... date night!

By November 05, 2010 , , ,

I got a date Friday night at 8
It's gonna be great!
Maybe we'll be mates!

Wait, wait ... wait. Hold up, I'm not in high school anymore ... I suppose I should stop myself from singing my ol' date rhyme over and over again. Ok, so (confession) maybe I used to skip around the house in college singing this tune as well. But I couldn't help myself - I used to get pretty excited about date nights. In college, it was a little different tho. Ok ... ALOT different.

Now a date night is so precious because it's the only time Big D and I get out on our own sans baby girl. Don't get me wrong, I don't really enjoy being away from her. But when we try to go out to eat all together, it's not about sitting down for an enjoyable meal, it's about making sure she (ie Reagan) is happy and QUIET. Sometimes, mid-meal - she wants to eat, be fussy, needs a diaper change or just wants to be held. And then the glares from folks trying to enjoy their meal ensue as she starts ramping up the volume of her cute little voice SCREAMING.

So one of us has to stop eating and entertain her and then switch while the other person eats. Plus, not all restaurants are exactly kid-friendly. So instead of sushi or a nice steak house (once and a while), we're going to more establishments like Applebees, pizza joints and Steak n Shake!

So ... tonight, we're going to one of those non kid friendly restaurants, where mommy can have a nice relaxing glass of wine (or maybe a beer, depends on how the day goes). So yea, I guess I may be skipping around the office today singing my ole' tune. Cause, yea ... I'm pretty darn excited about DATE NIGHT!

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  1. Have fun! And keep date night a habit because it gets just as hard taking older kids out as well!!!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
    oh my gosh, have fun on your date night! it looks like you're getting to it way sooner than we did... parker is six months old & our first date night is tomorrow night. i am SO excited.

  3. WooHoo! I heart date nights. They are so important and even more precious when you have little ones.

  4. Woo Hoo! Keep them on the calendar! they seem to have fall off mine, but I am going to work them back in very soon!