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Scenes from baby's first cow show!

By November 23, 2010 , ,

My mom and I recently ventured down to Louisville, Ky. for the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE), more specifically - The All-American Jersey Show and Sale. And if you're not familiar with 'em ... Jerseys are those sweet little brown cows with the big brown eyes (no I'm not biased ... wait yes I AM!) And no .... they don't produce the chocolate milk :) Jerseys milked twice, sometimes three times a day produce milk rich with butterfat and protein making it ideal for cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream!

I heart Jerseys, just ask anyone ... I grew up on a Jersey dairy farm and have been quite involved in the breed organization ever since I was a little girl, including being crowned the National Jersey Queen in 2002. One of the few times I could call actually myself "queen."

Anywho ... NAILE holds special significance to me for this reason, and plus it is basically the world's best and biggest exhibition of Jersey cattle. And as far as the queenship goes, I'm VERY proud of the fact that I wasn't recognized for who my parents were, how productive or show-winning my cows were - I was recognized for MY achievements, work ethic and passion to advocate for the Jersey cow.

So with all that being said, as you might already assume I was REALLY excited about talking my baby girl down for her first cow show (esp. since we missed the State Fair!). Here a few moments we captured during the trip!

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  1. Mooorvalous! Looks like she is all eyes and ears about what is going around her! Great!

  2. It looks like you both had a blast at the show! She'll be a cowgirl whether she knows it or not!

  3. I'm so glad she made it to her first show. What a great memory and start to many more.