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That's what happens when you have a .... DOG!

By November 10, 2010 ,

If you remember, last Friday was the official date night for hubby Big D and I. And I was pretty darn excited, obviously too excited. Because while I hate to complain, date night was an EPIC failure! :(

Of course, it started out pretty swell. Big D picked up the baby girl from the sitter and took her to Grandmas house. After work, I spent some time playing with her until we left for our date! During that time, my momma arrived at our house, because the next day, ie. Saturday, we were headed down to Louisville for the North American International Livestock Show (which I was also pretty darn excited about!). So in the craziness of getting ready to go, welcoming and hugging my momma and saying goodbyes to our sweet little girl, something terrible happened. This terrible thing I would find out as we were about to be seated for our "romantic" dinner for two.

As I was contemplating what tasty drink I would order and how delicious an appetizer would be ... Big D's phone rang. And surprisingly, it was NOT someone from the farm telling us that the power was out, a waterer was broke or a sow was having pigs in the gestation barn ... it was my mom.

I could hear her on the other end of the phone asking where the dog was. Instantly, I knew. Instantly, my heart sank. You see, in the fog that is my life now, I had let the dog out to pee when I was helping my momma carry her bags in. She is a pretty good dog, she doesn't need to go outside with a leash on; however, you HAVE to keep track of her or else she'll slowly walk herself right off the property hot on some good-smelling trail, which is EXACTLY what had happened.

It seems the dog was lost. And whlie my momma and my father-in-law were both outside looking for her, Big D and I just couldn't have a nice meal if we knew our puppy dog was runnning aorund the county in 30 degree, windy, sleeting, cold fall weather. We turned in the beeper that was about to light up letting us know OUR table was ready to go home and search for the dog.

I left the restaurant cursing, not terrible cursing, but cursing nonetheless. I was angry that I had left the dog outstide and now she was missing. I was angry that the ONE time we get to have a date night was cut short and we ended up sufficing for drive-thru dinner via Arbys. As we drove home from Indianapolis, I slowly got over it and re-focused my attention on finding the dog.

We drove around the area where we live, I yelled for her and no sign of our little black Lab. By that time, we needed to pick up the baby girl and call it a night. As I was picking up the baby girl, a voicemail appeared on Big D's phone, it was Animal Control - they found her. She was safe and sound, albeit a little cold and scared. The poor thing was running in the intersection of our road and U.S. 40. Well, someday again we'll try date night again. I'm not giving up that easily!

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  1. Dog-gone-it! Sorry... had to ;) That really stinks! Hope you get another night soon.

  2. Well, Fiddlesticks! Miss Pooch owes you one! I know just how you feel though. Our dog went missing on our spring vacation last year, and I was a wreck the rest of the trip. We were so blessed to find her the day after we got back. Dang critters! They can mess with your heart!

  3. What a bummer! but hopefully you will still get to go to Louisville. I used to go to NAILE every year back in the day, but I bet it's been 6 or 7 years since the last time I went. HOpe you have a great trip.

  4. Bummer! Hopefully you will get your amazing date night soon! We haven't gotten one yet either; actually I have yet to be away from JJ at all since she was born!

  5. Wow. I'm so sorry to hear this, but glad that she is ok. I can't believe she made it all the way to US 40. As much as I do love a good date night, it can be overrated as now I just cherish Friday nights at home with my family.