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A supermom sighting

By January 05, 2011 ,

Now that I am mom, I am convinced that there are many women out there who are truly "supermoms" or basically "superwomen" with special powers giving them the ability to hold it altogether making being a mom appear effortless. Screaming, tandrum throwing children coming from all directions ... ehh no problem. At least that's what it looks like from the "outside" meaning all of us starring in amazement at how this "supermom" just handled an otherwise challenging situation.

At this point, 5 months into the job (of motherhood, that is) I certainly have NOT earned the title of "supermom" and I'm not sure I'm particularly striving for the title - I just want to raise my daughter to be healthy, happy and oh yea ... well-behaved!

Anyways .... (I digress), I attended a wedding for my good friend Liz@ Two Maids A Milking, recently, as a matter of fact, I was actually part of her big day in the bridal party! This is where I had my first "supermom" sighting ... well the first one I actually paid attention to.

Me and the gorgeous bride!

This unmasked "supermom" was also part of Liz's big day, as was her husband and their three adorable children. Throughout the day of hair, make-up, lunch, driving between locations, and photos all around town in below 30 degree temps ... I could begin to see this "supermom" was getting stressed and frazzled. Who could blame her - I wanted to help, but I had my own munchkin to keep track of. Keeping three young children happy, fed and entertained all while filling in obligations as a bridesmaid is no easy feat. But she was handling it all so well ... while I did notice a couple tandrums here and there - this "supermom" handled the meltdown in seconds and then smiled and poised for a photo within the same 60 seconds. Wow.

She mentioned to me once that she was "about to lose it," but not once did I hear her scream or even raise her voice at her kids or even her husband. At least, by that point, my husband probably would've gotten a few choice words just to let out some steam on someone. I think that may be what impressed me the most.

All in all - I was pretty impressed. At first, I was unsure whether or not to identify this "supermom," because who knows she may want to write a book someday and publish the secret to being a "supermom" or at least appearing to be so.

Preparing to ring in the New Year after the wedding rehearsal

Amy and one of her adorable munchkins!
Hey Amy @ Two Maids A Milking I know you probably think I'm just being funny, but no I'm serious ... I'm onto to you and your secret mommy powers. :)

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  1. Meggie I couldn't agree more! I think that Amy and Joe both set a wonderful example for us all, as parents, friends, & farmers!

  2. You are TOO kind! That was such a special day for us but you are right - a little stressful!!! I'm NO supermom. I just have 6 1/2 years on you! You'll see...