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A Peak Into The Y Factor

By February 17, 2011 , , ,

So the loving sister that I am - I bought a Men's Health magazine subscription for my big bro as a Christmas gift. He is a Lt. Commandar in the U.S. Navy and in the last two years - he's been deployed on the U.S.S. Eisenhower, a carrier for a total of 12 months. I figured it might be fun for him to have a subscription to a magazine I know he liked sent to his mailbox by a mailman - not a heliocopter that ships mail to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or Persian Gulf - it's just not as personal, ya know?

Anyways, much to my dismay I found an issue of Men's Health in MY mailbox this week as a gift sent from my bro. Wait a second, I think there's been a mix-up here. Clearly, I don't need a sub to Men's Health!! And oh for goodness sakes, please tell me you guys didn't send HIM the bill! Ahh!! After several phone calls and online jibber jabber, I think I got it all straightened out!

Except ... now I have this issue of Men's Health sitting patiently on my counter waiting to be read. Well Big D certainly isn't going to read it, since Top Producer, Progressive Farmer, Farm Futures, National Hog Farmer and of course Farm World are his primary articles of reference and reading. So I guess I'll take a look. It didn't hurt that Matt Damon was on the cover. Just for the photos of him alone, it's worth a looksy.

Here's what I found ...

They think Matt Damon is "Hot" too

They want their bigs trucks and SUVs to be fuel friendly ... didn't find a single ad for a car or mini-van.

They (at least some) care about image just as much as we do (BTW ... isn't this guy a cutie! Yes I'm married, but I'm not blind!)

They want to learn yoga or at least try yoga in an attempt to meet ladies.

Ok, this just made me laugh! Didn't know the "Gods" had such great quads...

They voted the Florida Gators as having the "hottest college cheerleaders" ...ahem ... how about Purdue??

Meat and potatoes are their go-to meal ... yum! Big D loves to grill a great steak too! I can't wait til it's grilling weather here on the farm!

And deep down they want to cook (or perfect a favorite recipe), maybe just a little instruction (with pictures!)?

Ok ... I just loved this jacket. (And who wouldn't ... it's a Simon Spurr and it costs $5,300 .... and no I didn't add an extra zero. I know ... R.ID.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.

And they want to be "the best" at everything or at least make us think they are. The effort is always appreciated! (And BTW ... most of the articles are much less about love and relationships and more about that three letter word. But that's not much different than say Glamour or Cosmo!)

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  1. Thanks for a peak inside the mysterious Y world!

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