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Wordless Wednesday: Crazy Bout Cows

By March 30, 2011 , , , ,

My dad at the halter and me with the ribbon :)
Ever since I was a little girl I've been crazy about cows, horses and boys - and that order has shifted over time (obviously I'm not boy-crazy anymore .... well except maybe Paul Walker!)

Paul Walker (of Varsity Blues fame) - grr baby grr
I grew up going to all the cow shows with my parents - the first one of the season was always the Spring Dairy Expo (SDE) in Columbus, Ohio. Well guess what - it's this weekend! And it's very rare that I've missed a year. In fact, last year, I attended the show at 23 weeks preggo. Luckily, my pops was there to help me out - washing, feeding, bedding, clipping, etc. It was freezing cold (and even snowed), but we had a great time!

Of course, this will be Baby RayRay's first SDE and hopefully we can make a trip out to see my milking cows, which are housed on a family dairy farm east of Columbus. Stay tuned for a future post!

Spring Dairy Expo last year - below freezing temps and snow. I had to wear my bib overalls the entire week, but because of my lil belly I couldn't zip them up. At the time it was pretty funny looking and not many ppl knew what was going on with my wardrobe!

There's actually two heifers here but the little one - Petra - is being hidden by the older heifer - Carolina

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