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Baby's First Easter

By April 25, 2011 , , ,

Easter is one of my absolute favorite holidays, and this year of course it was extra special since it was Baby's First Easter! Unfortunately, though, everyone in my family has been sick - starting with me. Last week - I was outta commission for two days from work. Then Baby RayRay came down with another cold on Thursday (just confirmed from the doctor she also has an ear infection), then Big D on Friday. Good thing my momma arrived on Friday to take care of us all! Thank goodness for moms!

When Sunday rolled around, though, I was a bit worried about going to church because I didn't want to infect everyone. But I simply can't miss Easter service to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday - the resurrection of Christ.

So we sat in the front pew - no one comes close to sitting in the first pew most of the time- so we felt safe from infecting the congregation there. But a funny thing happened as Big D was taking his Easter communion - somehow he grabbed the wine glass and it flipped out of his hand throwing RED wine down his shirt, inside and down his pants. It was a bit comical at the time as I watched the fumble go down - but later a bit frustrating as I worked to unsuccessfully get the stains outta his shirt and pants.

What's your secret to getting red wine stains out?

We returned home to the farm and whipped up a delicious Hoosier Easter feast fit with yummy smoked ham, baked red potatoes with rosemary, couscous salad with cucumbers and chickpeas, green and yellow waxy beans and finished it off with my Goody Brownie bars and yellow peeps, of course for dessert. I didn't take any photos of the dinner - ugh I should've. It was so delicious we all mauwed it down before I could snap some shots!

I can't wait for next year though when Baby RayRay will be old enough for an Easter egg hunt and photos with the Easter bunny! When I was growing up, after we came home from early morning church, we also had a scavenger hunt for our Easter baskets. Fun memories!

What Easter traditions do you celebrate with your family?

Our little Easter bunny!

Easter dinner at our home!

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  1. Oxy Clean! It takes red wine stains out very well. Although, I'm not sure how well it works once the stain is set. I've only used it immediately after the spill. :)

  2. Well, red wine comes out with white wine, but i think you have to put it on right away, not later... Your easter looked great!


  3. I would go with the Oxy Clean since time has passed. Good luck. Glad everyone seems to be on the mend. We need some sunshine to chase away all these germs!

  4. good luck getting the wine out..

    She is soooo cute!!