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Evolution: A Soccer Mom Before My Time?

By April 06, 2011 ,

Dear Sally the Stang,

Have I told you lately how much I've missed you.

I remember when I first bought you fresh out of college. I begged and pleaded Big D to let me have you!

And the day we brought you home was a terrible snow storm in mid-November. But we made it home safe and sound.

I can still hear the sound of your engine rumbling when I started you up every morning. Purrrrr ...

And that red hot color. You caught the eye of many admirers. You were a looker, and that's no lie.

I hope your new owner is taking good care of you. I've missed you, you know. I wish you were back in my driveway for the warm spring days when I've just wanted to take a cruise through the countryside with the windows down and wind whipping through my red hair.

We were quite a team. I do miss you every now and then.

But then I think how terribly difficult it would be to get Baby RayRay's car seat in your backseat and out again. I struggle just to get it manueveured in and out of my SUV as it is!

And then I remember how scary it was driving you in the winter, particularly in snow and ice treachery. I remember a few near-death drives home from work when you nearly slid me into oncoming traffic. I don't miss you on those days when my auto 4-wheel-drive kicks in.

I'm not sure if you've met my "new" car - Holly the Honda or not. She's pretty fun to drive, but not nearly as zippy as you once were. Holly also boasts all these crazy safety ratings that I think you failed in many accounts. But I still love ya!

 But now I'm starting to think that even Holly doesn't have enough room for all of our family junk. We have a lot of stuff, Big D would say "too much." So is the next move to a mini-van?

Am I slowly becoming a "soccer mom." If I am, I'm Ok, with it. Because if a minivan's doors open with a touch of a button and I could take naps in the back while watching a DVD in a recliner, basically ... I think I could learn to live with being a stereotype.

I'm not leaving Holly anytime soon, but it is something to think about as our family continues to grow and no that's not a hint at anything either. But I just thought you should know. There is still a special place in my heart for you, Sally. Always will be. And in my retirement, many, many many years from now ... I'm confident I'll have you back in my driveway again.


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  1. I think we were cut from the same cloth...it seems like just yesterday that my sporty little eclipse was sitting in the driveway. I miss that car!

  2. hubby had a mustang through college. We loved it. Then we bought the truck. And we love that. I traded in my 2 door alero for an equinox, and now I want a van. Two carseats take up a LOT of room!

  3. I have two kids and drive a Tahoe and I LOVE it. So no, your only option isn't a van.

  4. So funny! I still have my Solara convertible and I HATE thinking about getting rid of it. I totally feel your pain, I got my car right out of college too! I think Tyler has agreed to let me drive the Equinox and he will drive my car for awhile. I just hope that lasts... :)

  5. Haha!!! oh I am SOOOO not ready!!!

    I LOVE MY BMW!!!

    Super post, thank you!

  6. I went down that mini-van road for a while... then I got a Suburban. I say save whatever remnant you may have of being cool and stay out of the mom-mobile!
    I do love my Acadia for a compromise.

  7. We had an suv and switched to a van. More room coupled with ease of ability to get to the back to a crying kid or separate a fight. Plus power sliding doors are worth the decrease in the cool factor. Trust me.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Swagger Wagon!!! It's not the car anyway, it's that hot momma behind the wheel - right?1?!?