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Five Question Friday!

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1. Have you ever had surgery?
Nothing serious, no. I did have my wisdom teeth extracted in 2005. And while not a "surgery" per se in any way, the birth of our daughter was by far the biggest "hospital" or medical experience of my life! Someday, I should get around to sharing RayRay's "birth" story.

2. Ever ride in an ambulance?
No and I hope I don't ever, EVER have to!

3. How are you in a medical emergency? Panicked? Calm?
Since my husband is a farmer, there are dangers around every corner - from working with unpredictable livestock, climbing up grain silos that reach over 100 feet into the air, plus operating dangerous farm equipment and sharing the roadways with passenger cars - there's no doubt - it's not the safest of professions. And in my career as a farm journalist, I cover far too many tragic reports of injury and even death from farm accidents. It scares me - because it's very close to home for me. Needless to say, everytime Big D calls me, I worry it could be "the call." The call that someone got hurt on the farm or worst - that he is injured, in an ambulance or at the hospital in need of medical treatment. I worry alot - that is sorta my go-to feeling in a lot of situations.  However, if a medical emergency of any sort does arise, I tend to be the calm voice and make every effort to attack the situation with the best possible solution to a healthy and safe outcome.
4. Do you have a garden? Flowers or veggies?
I plant quite a few flowers every year around the house, but no vegetable garden. I wish I had the time or energy to plant a veggie garden of my own. Luckily, my mom-in-law who lives a stones throw from my humble abode  - plants a large garden every year. And just like a little bunny, I hop over there and help myself to baskets upon baskets full of tomatoes, green beans, onions, sweet corn and much more. You absolutely cannot deny the rich flavor and freshness of veggies from a backyard garden. Love it!

5. When did you move out of your parents house?
When I left for college in the fall of 2001 I feel like I moved out and moved on (so to speak)  from my childhood home. I did come back for one summer to work at a tanning salon and restaurant after my freshmen year. But after that I feel that I unofficially became a Hoosier, or a resident of Indiana as I worked, finished my college career and "built a home" with my Hoosier hubby-to-be. Then when we got hitched - I got the name change, the license and all that jazz making it official, official!

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