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Ultimate Blog Party 2011!

By April 01, 2011 ,

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Hi All! If you are new to Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails - welcome and thanks so much for stopping by! I am so excited to participate in the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 with the fabulous twin mommas Janice and Susan at 5 Minutes for Mom! The party begins today and ends on April 8, if you haven't already, join in on the fun and come party with me!

A little bit about me ... I am a full-time workin momma of my sweet baby girl I commonly refer to on this blog as Baby RayRay. I absolutely LOVE being a mom! I am happily married to my farmer hubs Big D and together we own and operate a grain and hog operation in Indiana.

I blog about living and loving life on our family farm as a Real Farmwife of America (come by and check out this awesome group of women!)! While raising hogs isn't always glamourous I do my best to put the fabulous in farming. Since I also work full-time off the farm at a farm newspaper, really in every way farming is our life. I was raised a farm girl - grew up on a small dairy farm in central Ohio, but that doesn't mean I wear bib-overalls and have hayseed sticking out of my hair. I love (and sell!) Mary Kay cosmetics and getting glammed up to go on the town every now and then. I hope you'll stop by and visit me again! You can also find me on Twitter @MegFoster

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  1. Hi there! I always like to check out fellow farm/mom blogs :-)

  2. Stopping by from UBP. I'm a Hoosier too - but not a farm girl anymore. Most of the time I miss living out in the boonies. Keep trying to convince hubby that chickens would make okay town pets... but it's not going well. Following you now!

  3. Hi! I'm your newest follower from UBP! I've driven through your beautiful state several times, and always wish that I could take a little more time.

  4. Hi! I found you through the blog party and am now following you on Twitter. I also live in Indiana. My blogs are: www.CouponsCraftsandCauses.com and http://IndianaInker.blogspot.com

    Links for Twitter and fb are on each.

  5. Hi! Found you through your tweet about the prizes! Glad I did - I'm a fellow hoosier. Your daughter is so cute, can't wait to learn more about you!

  6. i luv ya blog soo cute, following you back though ubp2011 from mommie ceos' we are all mom ceos Cheif Everything Officers and we are also chos Cheif Household Owners.... stop by again sometime. pam b. admin./co-founder http://www.mommieceos.blogspot.com