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Wordless Wednesday: Laughing at Uncle Willie!

By April 13, 2011 , , ,

Last weekend, Big D, Baby RayRay and I visited Grammy and Grampy (my folks) in Ohio again. We also ventured to the farm where my milking cows are housed (post on this later!) so that we could bring home two dry (or non-lactating cows) and a new baby heifer. It was a beautiful weekend and we had a great time!

When we returned home on Sunday, we also got to spend some quality time outside with Grandpa and Gramma (Big D's folks).

The weather is warming up and I am loving spending time with my loved ones in the sunshine!

At Grampy's farm in Ohio!

I think I'll walk before I'll crawl!

Love time at the farm with Grampy!

Grammy and RayRay watching Big D work
"Can you stop taking photos and get in here and help me!"
Cows are a little messy when we get them "home."
First time using our "big girl" stroller

Love my Gramma!

Lots of giggles at ...


Daddy and Uncle Willie being silly!

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  1. Your folks look SO happy with that adorable grand baby...so cute:) Great memories:)

  2. can't tell who she looks like when she smiles at all.... :) She is getting sooo big!

  3. Seriously those cheeks just make me giggle myself. Adorable! I love those quality times with grandparents and grandkids.

  4. Excellent photos Meggie! She is just getting cuter every month! I'm sure she's gonna love having those new cows too :-)

  5. Wow! Your little girl is growing up fast! Aren't grandparents just the best? I was looking for Uncle Willie to human! Too funny!