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Baby RayRay visits Colorado - Day 1

By May 27, 2011 , , ,

At first I was a little worried our trip to Colorado was going to be similar to scenes from The Out-of -Towners. But that was a terrible attitude to have ... so I changed it right away ... and the trip turned out to be wonderful. A lovely time spent with my momma, Baby RayRay and my cousins!

Can you say GORGEOUS?!

Other highlights include a few breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and Pike's Peak on a crazy drive down to Pueblo that we took to see a western festival.

Also, I can now say that Baby RayRay has been on a plane and we made it, I mean now it's a box that I can check and say "Yea I did that with a 10 month old." I'd like to sit here and say it was easy and all went off perfectly, but that would be sooo false.

It was stressful, I'm not going to lie. Going through security - a pain in the rear. Good times, I mean not ... at the security checkpoint where absolutely everything liquid has to be taken out (including 43 cans of baby food), stroller, car seat, carry on bags, purses, jackets, shoes, tickets, wallet, sunglasses so on and so forth have to be set in those silly grey bins. I tried to be as prepared as possible, but I don't care it was still a huge hassle. And at one point as I was trying to unfold RayRay's stroller coming off the security conveyor, my momma was holding RayRay and she was literally kicking me in the face. RayRay thought it was hilarious, me not so much. My best travel advice ... drive ... don't fly with a baby (whenever possible).

After we passed through security and I got the pat down by the way (I must've looked pretty threatening I guess!), we got to relax a bit as we waited for our plane to arrive at the gate.

Individuals with young children get to board the plane first - how nice - except when you literally have to shove and push your way through the eager crowd of passengers waiting to be the very first to board. Like I mean do they think they're going to reach the destination any faster than the rest of us?!

We boarded the plane and get seated next to the absolutely most delightful college girl from Taylor University. As we begin to take off, I start to nurse RayRay and she falls asleep. Perfect! She wakes up about 30 minutes later and struggles with the air pressure until we touch down in Denver 2 hours later. It doesn't help that she hates pacifiers and bottles when mommy is around. I think I nursed her three more times while we were in the air.

Let me just say, we were exhausted by the time we touched down and we still had to get the rental car and drive 1.5 hours to Ft. Collins.  Thank goodness my momma was there to help amdist all the travel craziness!

We "claimed" our bags, jumped on the bus to Avis car rental, where we dealt with the rudest customer service rep I have EVER met. Of course, she was pushing the insurance at $21 extra a day and $13 extra a day per driver. And said over and over again that "it's been hailing everyday here and that if there is hail damage on the car, you have to pay for it in cash up-front, we don't except insurance claims from outside ... yada yada yada." So that began an on-going joke between my momma and I throughout the trip that "I bet it's going to hail today." (silently praying it didn't even try to rain!) She was plain rude in many other aspects too ... my mom and I made serious intentions to speak with her manager and to not allow her to ruin our trip. Good deal was that because I am a Farm Bureau member, we got a free upgrade and landed a Toyota Prius, which gets 50 MPG ... sweetnesss. It only took us 20 minutes to figure out how to start and get the car in gear. *sigh

Since Colorado is 2 hours off in Mountain Time - we were starving and finally found a McDonald's at 10 p.m. Indiana (Eastern) time.

As we pulled off the interstate, my Mom asked me subtly "Are we in the right lane?" I opened my eyes from a travel coma, look up and "OMG WE ARE DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE MEDIAN MOM! HOLY SH@$ - MAKE A U-TURN NOW!"

We made the U-Turn, quickly, as our hearts raced anticipating the deadly consequences of driving on the wrong side of the road (just below a hill where we couldn't see if any traffic was coming) ... scary stuff. I think my heart rate is still recovering a little from that experience. We survived and finally got to inhale an unhealthy, but satisfying dinner from Mickey Dees. We arrived in Fort Collins late after stopping three times to feed, change, etc. RayRay and crashed ... kind of. I tried to put RayRay down, but she wasn't adjusting so well - that silly little munchkin kept us up until 1 a.m. Indiana time.

RayRay unpacking our bags upon arrival
 Once I passed out got to fall asleep (and then wake up 4 times in the night for RayRay), I don't think I moved too much because my body ached the morning after.

The next day we spent with family, catching up on old times and congratulating the newest high school grad - my beautiful cousin Mary (who graduated with honors in a class of over 500, nearly five times larger than my graduating class!)

Mom, RayRay and I with the grad!

RayRay with my cous

She started saying "Mama" during the trip!!

Mom with my cousin (her nephew) and RayRay
To be continued ...

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  1. can't wait to hear more and see more pics of that pretty baby!!

  2. Oh Mercy. wish the flight and rental car experience would have been easier on you, but I am so glad you had your mom there to help. LOVE the mountain picture. Hope you were able to see Estes Park while you were there. I miss those mountains.....sigh.

  3. Traveling with kids is never easy, but I'm glad you made it!

  4. Thanks so very much for coming to celebrate with us. Can't wait to see you again.