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Finally we're planting!!!

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It seems like it's been raining for 30 days straight here in the Heartland - oh wait - it has! Thank goodness Mother Nature let up a little last week and allowed the ground to dry up a bit! In fact, on Thursday, Big D was finally able to get in the fields and get some corn planted. Yeeehaw!!!

So now from here on out from sun up to sun down and a few dark hours in between he'll be in the field getting the corn and (soy)beans planted. Once we're finished here at the home farm (in Indiana) - we'll load most of our equipment up and haul butt over to Ohio (where my family has farmed since 1847) to finish planting ideally before the end of May!

Big D isn't a big fan of his mug flashing on my blog - but I was able to capture a couple shots of his first day in the field (planting), without him knowing.

*Que evil laugh ... muwahaha!

This is our "new" planter - Big D was pretty psyched, I mean worried, about taking it out. Absolutely, no problems thus far, thank goodness. We don't have time for hold-ups at this point. Here, Big D is seen lubricating the seed meters with graphite or talc powder so the seed is dispersed smoothly into the ground.

Filling the seed hoppers with Pioneer corn seed.
Click here for a full explanation of how we select seed each season.

Meanwhile, our local co-op is filling our fertilizer hopper with product,
which we then use to fill our fertilizer bins on the planter.
Also, I heard this oldie, but goody on country radio last week (it totally brings me back to when I was a young girl riding in the tractor with my dad during spring planting... good memories, good times!) and it's a great anthem for all of those hard-working farmers out there getting the crop in the ground.

If you happen to pass a farmer in the field or the road, please give him a friendly wave - he is working so hard to help provide a safe, wholesome and affordable food supply for all of us!

(This post was originally scheduled for Friday, May 13)

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  1. So glad you finally got in the fields. We were quite happy too until 2 inches of rain arrived over the weekend. On another note, The Farmer doesn't like for his picture to appear on my blog either.

  2. Glad you were able to get into the fields. We were kicking butt until Saturday when 2 inches of rain put the braks on everything. This will definitely be a Spring for the record books.


  3. OMG! You have to go to my Race Day 2 post. I think we have the same planter and wagon set-up! So glad you are getting in the field! We were rained out this weekend, and yesterday was still too wet. We hoped to get back in today and finish that last corn field, but it is cloudy, cold, and rain has been falling off and on. sigh.....stay tuned!