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Now boarding all munchkins

By May 05, 2011 , ,

It's anxiety time again for this full-time working momma! In a bit less than two weeks, my mom and I will depart on a five-day adventure to Colorado to visit some family.

First of all, I am uber excited for our trip - I absolutely love Colorado - it's a gorgeous state with a lovely climate and the added bonus of spending time with family that I only get to see once every blue moon makes the trip extra special. But my excitment for the little mini-vacay with my mom is unfortunately overshadowed by my anxiety about traveling with a little munchkin for the first time. I'm probably most concerned with the air travel portion.

Will I have to take off half my clothes, shoes, jacket and RayRay's clothes to go through the flight checkpoint - it's a hassle. I'm just sayin' ... ugh not looking forward to all of that.

Will Baby RayRay be satisfied sitting on my lap for the 3 hour flight ... mmm I doubt it. I wonder if the stewardess would be cool if I let her crawl up and down the aisleway ... I'm guessing NOT!

Baby RayRay is not a big crier altogether unless she's hungery or tired ... but what if when the time comes she decides to be that child ... you know - the one screaming in the seat behind you when all you want is a few minutes of peace and quiet.

No matter how you slice it - it's going to be a long day and night. Luckily we don't have any big plans or committments once we touch down in Denver.

Then I'm wondering about packing for Baby RayRay ... how much should I take and how much would be better left picked up once we get to Denver and Ft. Collins? I don't want to check 14 bags - I'm a pretty good packer and by that I mean I always pack too much so I have lots of choices. When we go to Ohio for the weekend - the entire back end of my SUV is loaded and that's only for a two-day trip!

Do you have any advice on traveling with a little one? Or things you wish you knew before you and your babe boarded a big ol plane?

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  1. my suggestion is to request bulkhead seating - you can put a quilt o the floor and she'll have room to move around and play

  2. You should be able to keep her in her stroller right up to boarding time, then they stow it up front so you can have it when you get off the plane. Give her a bottle or a paci during the flight so she will work her ears. They don't know how to pop them on their own.

    We flew with our oldest a couple of times when she was an infant and had no problems. I will say it is "fun" trying to change a diaper in an airplane bathroom! Pray for no turbulence!

  3. I traveled to Georgia last year with my two girls and they were great for the flight except for the last 30 minutes on the flight back to Indy. It was 11:30 at night and we had been on the go all day and Mel, then 1 year, started screaming. I got some nasty looks but I didn't care. I didn't know those people so they had no right to judge. Don't let other people bother you and have fun!!

  4. I completely echo Lana's comments. Have a bottle or pacifier during take off and landing for her ear and gate check your stroller. You should only have to take off her coat and shoes to go through security. Bulkhead is not a bad idea, but then you lose your storage under the seat in front of you. I realize she is little, but you might also think of downloading a movie or something to your computer or iPod to occupy her part of the time. Good luck!!