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Tapping the Rockies

By May 20, 2011 ,

Rocky Mountain High ... Take Me Home Country Roads. When I think about Colorado - John Denver comes to mind pretty quickly, cowboys, cattle and it's where Coors Light taps the Rockies!

Also, my parents met, fell in love and were married in Denver. My mom went to school at the University of Denver. My dad owned rental properties in Denver and worked for a rendering company, where he traveled throughout the Western United States selling product to dog and cat food manufacturing plants (before returning home to take over the family farm in 1973). Betcha didn't know all that? There's your fun facts about me for the day!

We still have family that live in Colorado - Ft. Collins - the home of Colorado State University. So right now, my momma, Baby RayRay and I are visiting my cousin and his family, whose oldest daughter is graduating from high school. Good times!

We're also hoping to take in this festival and maybe a rodeo along the way. And who knows maybe we'll run into the real Marlboro Man.

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  1. Glad you are having a good time! We have friends that moved to Colorad a few years ago, but the girls have been too small to travel and Brad still thinks Mel won't handle the drive too well,but I would REALLY like to go this summer. Maybe if I tell him Ray Ray did it then he will think about it. He doesn't have to know you flew right?? We would drive. Have a great time...and I hope you get to see the real Marlboro Man!


  2. Oh how I miss the mountains! Take lots of pics and share them soon! Aspens are calling my name!

    P.S. How did the plane ride go? Hope Ray Ray was a good traveler!