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Baby RayRay visits Colorado - Day 2 and 3

By June 01, 2011 , , ,

By now, you've probably read all about the chaos that was Baby RayRay's first plane ride. But as I mentioned earlier, the trip overall was a tremendous success because I was able to visit with FAMILY and to me that is worth whatever amount of chaos that it takes to get there!

You see, I have a pretty small family altogether. My grandparents on both sides passed away when I was a child or before I was even born. My mom had one brother who died in a tragic car accident and my dad has one sister (in Michigan) and a brother, a Naval aviator, that was killed during World War II. My Grampy on dad's side served during World War I, seriously, yes. Since I totally missed my Memorial Day holiday post, I will get something together for you for Fourth of July! :)

Anywho, during our Colorado vacay, we, as in my momma, me and Baby RayRay were able to visit with my cousin, who was orphaned as a young child when his parents were both killed in a car accident. Tragic, but yet very interesting life story. He now lives in Fort Collins with his two beautiful kids, the oldest of which just graduated from high school. Rocky Mountain High School as a matter of fact, flanked by you guessed it the Rocky Mountains and the Poudre River.

We attended her graduation ceremony at Colorado State University, home of the Aggies! You couldn't have dreamed up a better child to sit through a graduation ceremony - Baby RayRay was a doll baby - I mean I don't mean to brag, but seriously she was amazing!

Can you imagine a graduating class of over 500? I mean I can't ... my class was 127 made up of farm and country kids with corn planted on every side of our ol' po-dunk school. We spent the second day of the vacay celebrating my cous' accomplishments (including a plentiful plate of scholarships) and her acceptance into Western Washington University.

Having a ball at the graduation ceremony way up in the rafters at Colorado State's coliseum

Congrats Class of 2011!
 The last time I saw my cous, she was a teenage girl at my big bro's wedding and before that she was a flower girl at my wedding. Today, she is a young woman with a beautiful and bright future ahead of her. So look out world she is about ready to take you on! 

Congrats to all of the graduates this season! Do you have graduation parties to attend this month?

The grad, me and my momma

The proud grad with her family

My cous and Baby RayRay

We also had the opportunity to visit with my cous on Dad's side. It's crazy to me that my two cousins on opposite sides of the family live within 5 minutes of each other in FoCo (Fort Collins). I'm so glad it worked out that we were able to meet with them 2. Family is a big priority for Big D and I, so making the extra effort is ALWAYS worth it!
My cous on the right and his daughter and their adorable puppy!

RayRay LOVES dogs, including my cous's cute-as-a-button Corgi!
Day 4 took us on a crazy drive south to the little western town of Pueblo .. least I can say it was an ADVENTURE, and I'm always in for a good roadtrip, but it's a little different and more exhausting now with RayRay in tow!

To be continued ...

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  1. Fun times! I have a family friend who is an ag prof at CSU! Beautiful country for sure and a great place to have family! I would be out there every/any chance that came up!

  2. I'm about 3 hours from Denver. My hubby and I went up in the mountains this summer and took our Polaris Razor along to travel the Jeep trails. It was a great time, but I prefer the flatness & openess of KS. I feel really closed in with the mountains and trees.