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Baby RayRay visits Colorado - Day 4

By June 03, 2011 , , ,

Next destination ... the WILD WILD WEST FESTIVAL!

So long FoCo (Fort Collins)!

We're off to the mountains in a quest to find the real Marlboro Man!

The snow-capped Rocky Mountains

After a treacherous 4 hour drive, we arrive in the very western town of Pueblo. RayRay is pretty excited, clearly!

Ominious clouds looming over the Wild Wild West Festival in Pueblo, CO

The Wild Wild West Festival, not so western ... pretty much like any ol festival, only with ONE turquoise vendor, a few folks with Stetsons and the rest of the tents ... greasy food and cheap dodads. *Sigh* A little bit of a let-down ... except downtown Pueblo had some really awesome antique shops. Now if I could only figure out a way to get this awesome wagon wheel I found back home to Indiana with me!

I feel the poster is a bit misleading, but ah well!


Pit stop for Gelato ... ok not really, but it sounded cool!

It rains 3 times a year in Pueblo and guess which day Mother Nature picked!

There was a rodeo and a trick roper at the festival, but we missed both! *Sigh*

Loved downtown though, once we drove around for an hour trying to find it!

Random child on random pony grazing in downtown Pueblo. Strange ... yes? For Pueblo though ... not sure it's so unusual.

Once we arrived in Pueblo, my momma, Baby RayRay and I spent an hour driving in circles looking for our hotel, another hour trying to find "downtown" as the hotel clerk said it's "Just down the road." Right ... we found the "festival" and it was Ok. We had two hours to enjoy the festival before it started raining on us and by that time we were so exhausted, we gave up and headed to our hotel, where we were the ONLY ones checked in. It wasn't by any means a ghost town, but def not a hotspot for tourists on a Monday. LOL!

Pueblo wrapped up our vacay to Colorado (Day 1, Days 2 and 3) as the next day we boarded our Frontier flight (where they give out FREE COOKIES! Score!) and happily headed home to the farm.

Dorothy was right.

Sometimes there really is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

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  1. Well it sure looked like a good time but i had to chuckle when you told us about the rain.... haha i sure looks like the same as when we go to Holland.... rains every time!