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Flashback Friday: Getting Ready for Baby Girl!

By June 10, 2011 , ,

This time around last year, I was about 33 weeks preggo and feverishly getting ready for the arrival of Baby RayRay! I was in serious nesting mode and spent countless hours just sitting in her future room dreaming about what it would really be like to hold her in my arms. Since I never really posted anything on the nursery, there is no better time than the present, right? So here's a look back at the precious time I spent designing and preparing for the arrival of our Sweet Baby RayRay. It's hard to believe that in just 7 weeks, we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday! :) 

My first attempt at stenciling with craft paint

An intricate stencil design that I used as the border

The supplies

Taped up and ready to stencil
I used short strokes to sponge the paint on, removed the tape, then gently removed the stencil and voila! I was pretty impressed with myself that I didn't goof up on a single one (there are three to four designs on each wall)!
Stenciled letters in polka dots and stripes complete the look I was going for - keeping my blue and green color palette ultra-girly with lots of ribbons and bows!

The crib and paisley bedding

Ready for baby!

Very excited soon-to-be parents on the day of my shower
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  1. Love the bedding! Paisley is so much fun. I am sure your Reagon just loves her room. Happy 1st Birthday to her.

  2. Very cute! The letters look great! I love the name! Happy birthday to Reagan!