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Real Farmwives of America: Dirty Jobs

By June 24, 2011 , , ,

Today, my gal pals and I of the Real Farmwives of America and Friends are talking about Dirty Jobs on the farm.

Manure, mud, grease, bodily fluids - the dirty jobs you can find on a farm are pretty much at every corner. And then somehow they end up in my laundry room. You would not even believe some of the stuff that has come through my laundry room and what my poor washing machine has had to go through. (Secretly, I hope that someday one of these items destroys my washer so that I can get a new fancy front-loader ... muhahaha)

Although, I must admit, when it's soo bad that I'm unwilling to pick it up, I have Big D take it to the dumpster or leave it outside for a couple hours days.
Many of you may be familiar with Mike Rowe's series Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. And if you're ever seen the show - you know he has been to a piggie farm similar to ours.

When I was thinking about some of the dirty jobs on our farm one of the first ones that came to mind was manure handling. It's a lofty task and one that needs to be attended to and often when you're raising 12,000 pigs a year.

Under each pig in every barn is a deep "pit" and as the pigs well you know "do their business," it drains down into the pit. Then when the pit is full, we're responsibility for "pumping" the manure out into a manure tanker. We then use the tanker to haul that "business" or manure onto our fields, where it is applied as a nutrient-rich fertilizer. The fertilizer helps our crops grow, which we then use to feed our piggies - taking it all full circle.

But when you're dealing with manure, it's always hands on. Sometimes hoses leak or you have to get down and dirty with your hands and many times, even your entire body down in the poo pit to "unclog" things. 

This all sounds pretty yucky and smelly, doesn't it? Well, you'd be surprised ... it doesn't smell half as bad as it sounds. People are always pleasantly surprised when they walk through our barns and I'm kinda proud of that! Because of the ventilation system that is set up in the barns and in the pits - it keeps the air moving providing a comfortable environment for both the pigs and our guys working in the barns.

His truck has been much much dirtier than this.

But the inside ... yea, I think I need a stronger word than dirty. Needless to say, we don't drive the truck to church on Sundays.

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  1. We have hogs, too! I am fortunate enough that hubby has an office attached to his building. Located in the office is a washer and dryer, which means hubby does his own laundry and I never see hog chore clothes!

  2. I have one of those "fancy new front loaders", and I would gladly go back to my old machine for our barn clothes! My front load does not use very much water, and even when I select: "add water" to the stain cycle, we usually have to do those really dirty, and sometimes not so dirty barn clothes again... grr.

  3. I am amazed at any hog operation that doesn't smell.

  4. Our vehicles do take a beating inside and out, that's for sure!

  5. I'd still rather scoop poo than go grocery shopping!!!