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Summer Farm Projects: Phase I

By June 08, 2011 , ,

Now that we've got all of our corn planted (yippee!!!) ... it's time to get rolling on some serious summer projects on our family farm. A new machine shed, new siding on our shop and a new grain bin. Hopefully, it will all be finished by early fall ... hopefully!

First, we are building a new grain bin to store corn that we grow to feed our hogs. The first phase of that project, was tearing down our old feed mill/indoor grain storage behind the shop. Then we poured a concrete pad that the bin will be built on.

Concrete pad is poured
Current siding on the shop - I keep telling Big D to save me this wood - I can sell or use it somehow as reclaimed wood! He just laughs at me!

Also, we are building a new machine shed behind our house where my cattle/horse barn used to set.
My old horse/cattle barn

 Right after I left for Colorado, Big D and the excavating crew leveled my barn and ripped out all of the junk trees surrounding it.  When I returned, no more barn and my poor horse was homeless (we moved her to a stable temporarily - she is loving the chance to get to play with all the other horseys!).

Clearing junk trees
I can't say I was sad to see it go ...

When we first moved to the farm, we didn't have a barn big enough for any animal other than a pig - so we took what was once a mobile home garage parked behind our house and enclosed it to operate as a make-shift cattle/horse barn. We used scrap metal (that I spent a summer painting) and even constructed the divider for the horse stalls from old hog gates. Yea ... it was pretty classy - but it was cheap and temporary.

Part of the new machine shed will include a new horse and cattle barn for me, which I'm pretty excited about.

Stay tuned ...

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  2. Ah summer farm projects- I don't think they ever end! I seem to be very good at starting them and awful at finishing them! Good luck with yours :) I'm now following your blog!