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These are a few of my favorite Dads

By June 20, 2011 , ,

Yesterday we celebrated Big D's first Father's Day! We made the day extra special for him with breakfast in bed, a kiss and card from Baby RayRay (and me too!), lunch at his favorite restaurant and a pear tree to plant at the farm in honor of his first year as dadda to our sweet Baby RayRay. 
To say Big D is a great Dad I believe would be an under statement. He is so wonderful with RayRay in every way; and he is always there whenever we need him - loving, caring and playing. I love watching them together - it makes my heart smile!

I think it's safe to say he's looking forward to having RayRay in the tractor and out in the barns with him alot more often!

Big D's very first moments as a Daddy were so special for me to witness.

This is my Dad or RayRay's Grampy. He taught me how to work hard and play hard, and above all else he instilled in me his love for the farm and his passion for raising registered Jersey cattle!

I can't wait for Grampy to teach my kids the same values and work ethic I learned growing up on the farm.

Wrapped up in Grampy's hands. So sweet!

 Being a military father carries its fair share of challenges. But my big bro is a testament to the kind of father that all military dads should strive to be. He is completely devoted and loving when he is with his family and when he is thousands of miles apart from them.

These two are RayRay's godparents. They are amazing parents in so many ways  - working their butts off to provide a good life for their three kids. G (on left) went to high school with Big D. He is a great Dad and a wonderful influence and friend to D. I know if anything ever happened to D and I - they would be there to provide RayRay the same love and guidance as if she was their own daughter.
One amazing Dad you didn't see on this list is Big D's Dad or RayRay's Grandpa. And he basically deserves an entire entry all to himself. Papa John as we like to lovingly call him has bent over backwards to give Big D and I every opportunity in the world to start farming and raising hogs. I would consider Papa John - D's closest confidant and friend. While he doesn't always agree with D - he is always there to provide support and guidance and the occasional unsolicited (Dad) advice.

As soon as D and I wanted to start farming - this man - handed over the reins and said "Ok - you take over." We are forever grateful for all the opportunities he has helped provide us to farm - take our own risks, make our own mistakes and clear our own pathway to success.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful daddys out there!

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  1. What a great bunch of dads you have there. Unfortunately in my life, there aren't many left anymore. You are truly blessed!

  2. Meggie, what a beautiful post. You had me tearing up on the Dallas tribute and I was totally gone when you got to my dad. Glad you all had such a special Father's Day.

  3. Great story for all the Dads