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Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Back in the Saddle

By June 15, 2011 , ,

My legs and my butt haven't ached like this in a long time! And in a weird way I kinda love this feeling.

The last time I rode my horse was the fall of 2009 right before I became preggo with Baby RayRay.

Last weekend in a somewhat brave move (I mean the horse hasn't had a saddle on her back since '09 and did I mention she is a retired racehorse), I saddled ol' Roxy up, tossed my jittery nerves to the curb and let the wind blow through my hair aboard the unbridled spirit of a Thoroughbred.

And while I had worried before our maiden ride, of a possible rodeo spectacle, Roxy was an absolute sweetheart - didn't toss her head or even once give me any attitude.

I think I like this butt- leg hurting thing. I shall do this again and soon.

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  1. Looks like a great ride to me! There's something about being on a horse. You just can't explain it.

  2. Roxy maybe missed you riding with her

  3. Glad to see you are "back in the saddle". It is amazing what activities and hobbies get temporarily lost when you have children! I received the versatile blogger award and thought I'd share it with one of my fellow ag women. Travel to my blog and snag it!