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Hot Lil Piggies!

By July 24, 2011 , , , ,

Does anyone else feel like when you walk outside, you're standing directly on the face of the SUN?!

It is so flippity-flipping bright out and H-O-double-T!! The heat index in our little part of the world has reached ridiculous record highs at 110 degrees. Yowsers! It's times like these when I'm A) thankful that I don't have to work outside and B) for the wonderful man that invented the air conditioner!

Unfortunately, the pigs on our farm don't have it quite as easy. Did you know that piggies can't sweat? Here in the last several weeks, Big D has been working his fanny off keeping the pigs as comfortable as possible in the summer heat. Everyday, our folks are spraying all of the pigs with water hoses to try to keep them cool, also - every one of our momma sows has her own individual box fan, ontop of the ventilation system installed many of our barns that keeps the air moving constantly.

And just like you and me - water - oh my goodness - it is absolutely critical that our pigs have an endless supply of fresh water to prevent dehydration. If a water line breaks or if we lose power and the ventilation system shuts down - it's crisis mode to get things back up and running - because pigs just can't survive these unbelievable temps.

I can't imagine how much they really suffered being outside. I remember when my hubby and I first started raising hogs on our own - we were still using some older buildings that allowed the pigs to go outside. The poor things got severely sunburnt - it wasn't too long after that that we were able to move all the pigs inside where we could better control their climate and make it as comfortable as possible for them out of the sun.

Afterall a happy pig is a happy farmer. And a happy farmer is a happy farmwife!

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  1. Totally agree!! Coming from another pig farmwife!

  2. Yes! Happy piggy is happy farmer!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hope that it cooled down in your neck of the woods. It was pretty hot here too last week...high temps and high humidity. It only lasted a few days but boy did our crops grow!! You are right about that....a happy farmer makes a happy farmwife!! I know all about that. Hope you can stop in and say hi. :)