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Wordless Wednesday: Picnics, Parties and Cows!

By July 13, 2011 , , , , , , ,

Weekends for this farm family are starting to get super busy and this past weekend was no exception. Saturday was packed full of picnics and parties - beer and pulled pork - laughter and hugs. Now that's my kind of weekend!

Gorgeous sunrise on Saturday morning to begin the weekend off right!

Early Saturday morning, I visited a beautiful little Jersey farm in eastern Indiana for a picnic with my fellow Cattle Club members. And of course, I had to get some pics of these brown-eyed beauties!

Not a Jersey, I know ... but a very cute puppy nonetheless! 

I basically fell in love with this farm, and especially this fabulous house built in the 1800s. It has been completely restorated to what it may've looked like when it was built. LOVE IT!

Original hard wood floors throughout, two claw foot tubs, gorgeous mahogany trim, multiple fireplaces ... ahh I only wish I would've gotten some pics from inside!

The dairy barn!

Second party of the day - wishing some good friends off as they move to Texas.

Baby RayRay gave the lawn a good inspection! LOL!

How was your weekend? :)

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  1. Beautiful Jerseys, beautiful house (I was hoping for indoor pics too!) and beautiful baby! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. LOVE that house! So sad to see friends move on, but at least it is easier to stay in touch with all this lovely technology at our fingertips!