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Wordy Wednesday: Bringing the Cows Home

By July 20, 2011 , , , , ,

Ever since I was 16 years old, I've been pulling a truck n' trailer to cattle and horse shows. Who ever said girls can't drive a big ol' farm truck, too! I just love the looks I get on the highway when drivers take a doubletake when they realize it's a chick driving that rig!

Picture it now - I've got my J.Lo shades on (that's what Big D calls em), baseball cap, jeans, Justin boots, a little foundation, blush and mascara (cause I gotta keep it fabulous!) behind the wheel of a one-ton diesel Dodge for a day-trip hauling cattle between my family's farm in Ohio and then back to our farm in Indiana.

No doubt, it was a long, hot (did I mention it was hot, I mean scorching!) day yesterday, but it couldn't have gone any smoothier. Trucked one of my milk cows that just had a baby down to my friend's farm who milks my cows and then brought my show calves back to the home farm ... all. by. myself. Yes, I rocked it just a little!

Rig ready to roll - let's put the hamma down! Copy that?!
Ok, I'm sorry I couldn't help myself - I think we need a little "Convoy" interlude in Wordy Wednesday ....

Four heifers and one big ol' momma cow loaded!

Dad carried the newborn baby to the trailer - she was so cute I wanted her to ride in the cab with me! By the way, this little sweetie needs a name that starts with a "C." Got any suggestions?
Gated the baby off so her momma wouldn't smoosh her.
If you look close (on the right - next to the W) you can see it says 104 degrees F. SO FLIPPING HOT!!!
Got my new babies home just before dark!
Hi blogsphere ... my name is Petra!

Hay hay! My name is Charlize! ;)

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  1. The girls are so pretty! Also, I am so impressed with your haulin' skills.

  2. I love those Jerseys they are so pretty.