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Good times ahead at the State Fair!

By August 12, 2011 , , , , , ,

Check it out ... I am the featured blogger today on Indiana's Family of Farmers blog sharing some of my fondest memories from the State Fair!

It's been a crazy few days getting ready for the big event - cows running down the road prompting the sheriff on our doorstep, one of our show heifers getting herself severely wrapped up in her tie ropes - me saving her life and getting badly kicked in the hand in the process. If you've ever worked or been around Jersey cows - you'd learn pretty quick, they are stubborn, over-curious and prone to accidents. Sigh.

Tomorrow we will clip said stubborn heifers, make em purty, pack the trailer for the cattle show and then Sunday we'll be on the road to one of my favorite places on Earth - the Great Indiana State Fair. Wish us luck!

Click here to see some vintage photos of this Hoosier Farm Babe (with blond hair!) literally growing up at the State Fair. Looking forward to making new memories this year as it will be Baby RayRay's first State Fair, ever!

If you happen to be out and about in Indianapolis, I welcome you to come visit me at the State Fair in the Dairy Barn (center aisle- look for Lone Spring Farms) next week (Aug. 14-17) and we can grab a yummy milkshake from the Dairy Bar together!

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