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Happy 1st Birthday Baby Ray Ray!!

By August 01, 2011 , , ,

We celebrated Baby Ray Ray's birthday on Sunday! She's got another big party this week too to celebrate the big ONE! In honor of her first birthday you may notice my new blog header with baby girl front, center and smiling as always!
Let her eat cake!


On July 31, 2010, an angel was born into our family. It was the beginning of a beautiful life and a glorious God-given addition to our lives ...

Our baby girl just hours old on July 31, 2010

4 months - First cow show
5 months - Baby's First Christmas

6 months - Tried solid foods for first time - sweet potatoes!

7 months - First tooth comes in. First word is Dadda!

8 months - Army crawling

9 months

9 months - Easter

10 months - Mother's Day

11 months - Crawling on all fours and standing up!

11 months - Standing pretty and proud!

12 months - Took her first step just days before her big birthday!    Happy Birthday Baby Girl!        

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  1. AWW!!! Happy Birthday Ray Ray!! Excited to see you guys soon!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ray Ray! I started blogging days before I had Miss E nearly four years ago. You'll never regret documenting these details on your blog. Put it in a book and remember forever. Meggie see you soon in Nashville!