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What I Wore Wednesday!

By September 07, 2011 ,

Have you ever been in a fashion rut when everything in your closet just looks boring, dull, old and just plain un-fun? Girl, I know ... we've all been there!

What's a gal to do ... go shopping, of course! I picked up this cute polka-dot top with ruffles at Kohl's recently for under $20 and paired it with a cute cardigan with velvet trim that I bought at a Forever 21 outlet store last fall for $12, jeggings (I seriously LOVE jeggings, by the way!) from Gap, black Steve Madden flats and a black drape necklace.

Everything except the polka-dot top, I was able to scrounge up in my closet. Sometimes all it takes is one new item to make a fabulous new outfit! If I'm feeling super fab next time, maybe I'll go with my black knee-high stilleto boots and black cropped leather jacket. Ow-ow!

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  1. I worked from home today so if I did this it would be a Farm World Expo t-shirt and shorts! Like the look...cardigans are my best friend all year round!

  2. OMG that is so adorable! Wish I had clothes that cute lol.

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