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Daddy's Girl!

By October 17, 2011 , , ,

I know it's not Wordless Wednesday, but there are just no words to describe how sweet this moment was to witness.

Baby RayRay and I recently stopped to visit Big D while he was shelling or "harvesting" corn on our way home from church last Sunday. RayRay just loves snuggling with her Daddy even when he's covered in grease n' grim.

I think it goes without saying she is a Daddy's Girl and that she just may have him wrapped around her cute little finger. 
So sweet!

Proud Daddy!

Now it's off to harvest more corn to help FEED THE WORLD!

Happy Monday ya'll!! Hope everyone has a GREAT week and don't forget you've got just a couple more days (giveaway ends Oct. 18) to ENTER TO WIN a copy of the Gooseberry Patch's Ready, Set, Eat on my blog. Check it out and good luck!!

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  1. My daughter is the exact same way with her dad. She loves to hug and be attached to him, no matter how dirty he is when he comes home!

  2. LOVE Daddy and girls out bringing in the harvest! That's the way we do it around here, at least on the weekends and nights when there is no homework! Enjoy!

  3. so cute! daddy/kid pictures are the BEST :)