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A Dream "Farm" Come True!

By November 04, 2011 , ,

Remember a few weeks ago that little announcement I made about finding and closing on our dream farm (still feels good to say that and share our news - this is something we've been looking for and wanting since well before we were even married!).

Well since acquisition (such a serious word!) of the dream farm was immediate (except for the house - they still have 15 days left to get out of the house), we moved our piggies over to the NEW farm the next day and I thought I'd share a few pics of said dream farm here!  

The farmhouse ... Stay tuned-there will be more to come on this in a future post! 

The house is already getting a new roof! 

The garage - nothing exciting except to ME - since we don't currently have a  garage, attic or even a basement for storage! Yea - I know it is pretty unbelievable!

You can see part of the barns here - many of which were built in the last 10 years. Lots of clean-up and mowing needed around the farm - as soon as harvest is complete - hopefully we'll all have a bit more time to do that!

This is our new sow barn - where the female pigs will each receive individual care and nutrition during a portion of their pregnancy.

Hallway in the farrowing (birthing barn).

A few of the first piglets born at the NEW farm! So cute!

Snoozing in their new digs!

Waiting patiently until she has her babies!

An isolation barn for when pigs get sick so they don't get the others sick too!

Inside the isolation barn.

Another view of the piggie barns.

Feed barn and on the left is my new show heifer barn - can't wait to fix this up to make it perfect! Thinking about painting it RED! 

Part of the grain set-up

Certainly, this is the first of many posts at and about the new farm. We will NOT be moving to the new farm anytime soon - though it may happen in the next 12-24 months. Lots of work to do on the house - but more to come on that later!

And by the way ... did you see? I was a featured farmwife last week during National Pork Month with The Real Farmwives of America! Check out my fun posts below in celebration of Porktober!!!

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  1. So excited to see pictures. That house is huge! I am day dreaming about all the stuff I could do with that house...and it's not even mine. Ha! Congratulations. So happy for you guys!

  2. So excited for you! Can't wait to see your progress. Congrats! Love the big house and new storage space!

  3. congrats! this is so exciting!!!