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The Secret Behind the Boots

By November 07, 2011 , , ,

Look at that sweet face! She had me at ruff-ruff!

She just had to join our family, I begged Big D! I mean we are animal lovers so of course we needed a sweet puppy dog to complete our little family!

I remember thinking (and saying) but no ... I do NOT want a puppy. An older dog would be best - one that doesn't pee on the floor, bark randomly, chase the cats or god forbid chew my shoes. My shoes, my special shoes - boots, high heels, flats, slippers. So many shoes of all colors, sizes and styles. Shoes for special occasions, business work shoes, running shoes, barn shoes, show boots and so much more!

Yea, that sweet face ...  took out her 18-month old frustrations on my shoes and reeked havoc on my poor cats' sanity. I mean shouldn't an 18-month old dog know better? Apparently not! We named her Grace after we adopted her in the fall of November 2008 (though at the time we called her every other name in the book other than Grace!)

In fact, we brought her home just days after I purchased a great new pair of boots that I could use to work around the farm, to show in, to wear out and about - just all around great boots that I had hoped could walk many miles with me!

As you can see that dream didn't last too long, I literally came around the corner one day to find my boots gnawed on, tore up, chewed and spit back up. I couldn't believe it. My NEW boots, you are kidding me, right? I won't tell you what I spent on these boots - money is money - and my cute faced puppy dog just took a big ole' bite out of my pocketbook and it hurt like heck!

My one boot and a half still in use

The damage is done!

The secret is out - I'm only wearing a boot and a half!

A little beat up around the toes - must be all that butt-kicking (to the dog ... just kidding!)!

Well, to be honest, I didn't and still don't really have the money for new boots. So I still wear these tore up boots (and Grace left her puppy days behind her shortly after thank goodness!) - it's embarrassing - but I pull down the pant leg on my jeans and hope no one gets a peak at the top of my boots to the mess lying underneath. Unfortunately, I can't always hide how ripped up they are - but I try. But seriously, this is not pretty and the boots probably need to go in the trash. Something needs to change and I desperately need your help!!

I'm trying to win a new pair of boots from Nocona and if you help me by voting for me, you too, are entered to win a pair of your very own pair of boots!! 

Check out this sexy, stylin' pair of cowboy boots I picked out from Nocona - I've always wanted some taller boots that I could wear with a summer dress, with skinny jeans, with boot-cuts ... so many options!!!

Here's how it works ...

To win a pair of Nocona Boots for yourself, please go to www.realfarmwivesofamerica.com and VOTE FOR ME - the Hoosier Farm Babe. If I get the most votes I'll win a pair of boots and one of our readers will be randomly drawn to win a pair for themselves! The contest runs Nov. 7-13 and they'll announce the winners on Nov. 14! 

Thanks so much in advance for your votes!! Much love!!

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