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Wordless Wednesday: A Halloween Cutie!

By November 02, 2011 , ,

Ok ... so I realize its been a week and a half since my last post and I apologize for that.

The last couple weeks (esp. last week) have been ridiculously busy with work - sprinkled in with a sick baby and helping Big D in the field and you get a Hoosier Farm Babe with very little sleep just trying to survive on a caffeine buzz!

So I'm back now and thought I'd share a few pics of Baby RayRay in her Halloween costume. While we didn't go "trick-or-treating" this year, we did make a visit to Grandma's house and Skyped with Grammy in Ohio too!

So my intention (as far as costuming) was for RayRay to be a "butterfly" though I think she could also go as a "fairy." And according to Big D I had her wings upside down, leave it to him to correct me!

Hope you all had a wonderful, safe and candy-filled Halloween!

What a cute lil butterfly!

At Grandma's surveying the toy sitch-e-ation

No candy for Halloween yet, so she "settled" for milk!

RayRay "painted" a pumpkin with her hand print at daycare last week. 

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