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Wordless Wednesday: Pretty Cows & Pink Boots

By November 09, 2011 , , , ,

Showing cows is a passion of mine. I just can't seem to shake it. That's why when my family sold the cows and quit milking - I kept every single one of my 12 cows. Luckily, I found a fabulous home for them with an outstanding dairy woman and personal friend of mine in Ohio. Growing up, I attended a particular national show in Louisville, Ky. called the All-American Jersey Show. But it's been a couple years since I've shown in L-ville. You see, this is the BEST and biggest Jersey show in world - so you can't just take any ol' heifer down - it's got to be your best and the best!

Well this year, I had a pretty nice heifer - she was 5th at the Great Indiana State Fair, though I think she could've done a little better. So I loaded up sexy Stella - sent her down with a friend and packed up everything but the kitchen sink (traveling with a baby takes a lot of stuff!) and headed down with Baby RayRay and my mom for RayRay's second annual All-American.

Sexy Stella - did pretty well!. Her class was huge (30 head) so I keep telling everyone she is the 15th best senior calf in North America. But you want to know what was the MOST fun - seeing my little girl peeking over the rail watching mommy show. Despite what placing I was in my class - nothing warms your heart and puts things in perspective like a smile, giggle and point of the finger from that sweet little girl shouting, "Mommy" while you're in the show ring! And sorry, I wish I had more pictures - but 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. morning chores and late nights combined with chasing a 15-month old through the barns just about completely wore me out!

Sexy Stella

The "girls" lined up in Freedom Hall at the Kentucky Exposition Center waiting for their class

The 58th annual National Jersey Jug Futurity. Gorgeous cows all the way through!

RayRay and Mommy

Playing and being silly!

Love my pink boots!

On the move and wearing this momma out!

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