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Christmas is a Wrap for 2011

By December 29, 2011 , , , ,

Oh heyyy!!! Remember me?! I know, I know ... I've totally been negligent of my blog for the past couple weeks, but in my defense I've been spending some real quality time with my family and extended family. But now, I'm back, I'm totally back! And I've missed you, though I've still been following all my fav blogs throughout the holidays.

And by the way, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know we did. We were blessed to have most of our family together for a Hoosier holiday at the farm, except for my brother and his family as they have a two week old little one! Thank goodness for Skype so I was able to meet my new adorable nephew Rowan William!

I can't believe it's Dec. 29 and Christmas is officially a wrap. I suppose it's time to start taking down my decorations, but that would be admitting that the holiday has ended and I just love this time of year!

This year was extra special too, because it was the first Christmas that RayRay was into the gift unwrapping, meeting Santa and partaking in all the yummy holiday food and treats. We had a wonderful time enjoying the magic of the Christmas season with RayRay this year. From Christmas parties to Christmas Eve service to family dinners and of course all the lovely and generous gifts from our family, we were very blessed this holiday! I thought I'd take a minute and share a few photos (out of about a thousand that I took) of our very merry and bright family Christmas! Hope ya'll had a great one!!

RayRay with her cousin Amelia on Christmas Eve! 

My Santa brownies (and first Pinterest project) for our first annual farm Christmas party

The feast at the company party

Christmas family photo

Center of attention at the party!

And up past her bedtime ...

Christmas with my mom/Grammie!

Let the gift opening commence!

Mom opening her Kindle Fire!

Bear got ribbons for Christmas!

Loving her new princess tent! Her reaction was absolutely priceless!!

Big D and his sis and bro after Christmas Eve service

More gifts!

RayRay must've been a good girl this year!

Me and my Dad Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning finding the gifts that Santa  left!

Checking out her new kitchen!

Pretty serious about this gift opening thing at Grandpa and Grandmas!

Cousin Henry opening his gifts!

Grampy and RayRay with her new dolly!

Christmas dinner - a beautiful pork crown roast!

There were four iPads in the room, so we're showing Great-Grandma Daisy how it works!

RayRay can show Great-Grandma a thing or two on the iPad too!

Cousins playing!

RayRay being silly in Daddy's boots!

 I'm know I'm a few days late - but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with everyone and everything that you love! And since it's just around the corner I'm not too late to say Happy Happy New Years!!

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  1. What wonderful pictures to remember your family's Christmas this year... the babies will look back one day and laugh!

  2. Love that last pic!! Here's to the new year!

  3. So glad we got to celebrate Christmas with you!