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Gotta love a man in Wranglers!

By January 23, 2012 , ,

I don't quite know what it is, but there is something really sexy about Wrangler men's jeans. I don't know if it's the cowboy fit, the famous Wrangler patch or shoot ... maybe it's just the guy in the jeans! Country music legend and King of Cool George Strait mastered the art of looking sexy, cool in Wrangler jeans long ago. So when I had a chance a few years ago to pick out a Halloween costume for Big D you can bet I dressed him up as a George Strait cowboy look-a-like. With my Stetson hat that I wore when I showed horses, a pearl snap shirt, a pair of Justin cowboy boots, silver belt buckle and of course Wrangler cowboy cut jeans - he transformed into one sexy cowboy!

Little did I know that Big D would fall in love with the Wranglers we bought for his cowboy costume. He began wearing them everyday on the farm. Later, he bought two more pairs; and today, the only pair of jeans he will wear to work is Wrangler.

Like my hubby, Wranglers are tough. They can withstand layers upon layers of dirt, grease and manure in addition to resisting the tendency to rip when faced with protruding gates and wires. And while eventually, they will fade, Wranglers can handle multiple washings and soakings to get all that farmy grime off 'em.

I love Wranglers for so many reasons and I love the way they look on my man. So when Wrangler approached the Real Farmwives of America for three women willing to review and blog about men's jeans, I was sooo in! And guess what, after this review, the Real Farmwives will be giving away a pair of Wrangler men's jeans to one lucky reader! Check out their website to sign up!

Without further ado, let's get to the Wranglers ...

The famous Wrangler patch

Unfortunately, when we received the jeans, we noticed a nick above the knee in the fabric. 
Closer view of the nick. Sorry to see this in the jeans we received!

Wranglers make great work jeans especially on the farm as they can withstand gritty, grimy and dirty conditions.

Big D styling his new classic cowboy-cut Wranglers!

Rewiring a barn that is currently being remodeled to house grower pigs. Looking good in the new Wranglers, Big D!

If the farm deal ever falls through, Big D may have a second career as an electrician

Baby RayRay visiting Daddy at his workplace in the pig barn!

To win a pair of Wrangler men's jeans, please visit The Real Farmwives of America's page to sign up!

While Wranger did give me a pair of jeans to review, all thoughts, pictures and opinions shared on this blog are my own!

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