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Top Ten of 2011!

By January 06, 2012 ,

I really thought 2010 was an outstanding year and one I would define as hard to live up to. Well 2011 certainly gave it a run for the money. What a wonderful year for the memory books and of course here at the Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails. Thanks so much for following our crazy, fun-filled farm life here at the HFBTT! I absolutely love EVERY one of your comments and enjoy making new bloggy friends every single day!

But as I reflect back on the crazy-busy year that was 2011, I thought I'd take a minute and give you a fun Top Ten of the year (just like I did for 2010)!

New Year's Eve 2011!
10. Fun at cow shows
If you've followed this blog much or know me IRL, then you know I'm a lover of all things cows - especially Jerseys and especially cow shows. This year, I attended three different cow shows and competed at two. Good times! RayRay attended three with me and has yet to compete - but I don't doubt that will change in the near future. ;o)
Indiana State Fair

9. Baby RayRay's 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas
Yes, it may sound silly to put RayRay's 2nd turkey day and Christmas on my Top Ten - but they are important milestones and both were truly a big highlight of the year. I never really understood what it meant when people say how much fun holidays are with kids until this year when RayRay could begin to really enjoy all the festivities and holiday hubub!
Christmas Eve

8. First Mother's Day and Father's Day
Again, important milestones for both Big D and I. Being a parent is NO EASY JOB - but one that we cherish and respect and pray about every day. And if you've never heard it from me before - I can tell you now that it's the BEST JOB I'VE EVER HAD. I love being a Mommy and thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to teach and raise one of His children.

7. Fun (...'er memorable) work trips to Washington, D.C., Nashville, TN and North Carolina
Ok - now I regrettably only blogged about one of these trips. But all were kinda work-related trips. The Nashville trip focused on social media where I was happy to learn and share my experiences in the blogosphere, Twitter and Facebook not only here at HFBTT, but also with my day-job at Farm World Newspaper! The North Carolina trip (training to become a certified speaker for the National Pork Board) was a trip - for real - flight delays, canceled flights, the airline shipping my bag to another airport. I mean how could my bags make it there, but not me. Of course my phone charger was in said checked bag (won't make that mistake again) - it was 3 a.m. in the morning - I'm at the wrong airport in the wrong town - without a hotel or a car and a dying phone - seriously it was bad, people. I don't want to relive that trip - but on another hand it was certainly memorable - and gladly I can laugh about it now!
Farm Bureau members from District 6 with U.S. Rep. Dan Burton (center)

North Carolina
6. Promotion at work
Another one that kinda got left out of my blog - but certainly worthy of my Top Ten. In late winter of 2011, the owners of Farm World Newspaper - MidCountry Media - saw enough in me to give me a little bit of a promotion and add a few things to my plate that I've always wanted to focus on. New title, new office, fun new responsibilities and a little bit more $$ and you've got a happy girl! For curious minds out there, in my new role, I've added responsibilities as associate editor in social media, digital media, web content, youth engagement and event planning.

5. Trip to Pure Michigan with friends
What a great time we had with our dear friends (and RayRay's God parents) at the family cottage on Houghton Lake, Michigan!
Mackinac Island

4. Being a part of the awesome group of farm gals known as the Real Farmwives of America - including the "In the Kitchen" series with Gooseberry Patch where I cooked up 10 yummy recipes from Ready, Set, Eat - blogging about every one of em! I'm so honored to be a part of this awesome group and call many of these ladies my friends - can't wait to see what 2012 holds for the Real Farmwives!

3. Trip with my Momma to Colorado
My momma and I take a trip every year together and in 2011 - we made the voyage out to Fort Collins, Colorado to see family. RayRay was not yet one-year old and it was definitely a learning experience traveling with a little one. I'm excited for our 2012 trip ... we've already started to make plans and will drive through Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York on our way to visit my adorable new nephew - Rowan, my 2-year old nephew - Hayden - along with my big brother and his wife in Norfolk, VA. Should be a fun adventure just like Colorado!
My cousin, mom and I at her graduation

2. Sweet Baby RayRay's First Birthday
I can't believe my Sweet Baby RayRay is now almost 18 months old. It doesn't seem so long ago (and in retrospect it wasn't) that I was holding her in my arms for the first time. We had an incredible first year with many, many milestones to look back on fondly! The 2nd year for RayRay is well underway and she continues to grow, change and experience more of life everyday. I seriously love that little munchkin - I adore her little hugs, her babbles, giggles, first words, silly antics and the moment I arrive at daycare and she comes running - melts my heart every time. She is an amazing God-given gift in our lives and I'm blessed to be her mommy!
RayRay on her bday!

1. Buying our "Dream Farm"
This is something we've been searching for ever since we decided to be hog farmers. We've found a few farms over the years and it just never seemed to be the right fit, the right location or obviously, the right price ... that is until 2011. With help and advisement from our mentors in the business, we were able to find and sign papers on our dream farm. We have yet to decide if we will be moving to the new farm - there are many things we'd like to do, sort out and clean up, first. But it's exciting - it's certainly exciting!
Signing day!

Dream Farm

There you have it ... there's my Top Ten of 2011 Now it's time to officially launch the new year and start getting the date right on all my checks! Cheers to you - I hope 2012 is going to be YOUR best year yet! Bring it, 2012 - BRING IT ON! :o) 

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  1. Wow! What an awesome year you had! Happy 2012!

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