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Wordless Wednesday: North Shore & Ohh my ... Maui

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Let's get back to my Hawaiian vacay recap shall we ... yes I think we shall, especially since I just learned we are under a Winter Weather Advisory here in central Indiana ... awesome....

Anyways, during our time in Honolulu, we took an entire day tour of the island and all its breathtaking beaches. Most folks (especially Hawaiians) refer to Oahu as the concrete island, but once you get outside of Honolulu, it's really quite beautiful! 

Big D and I on La'ie Point
Turtle Beach ... unfortunately we didn't see any sea turtles here!

Turtle beach on the North Shore of Oahu

Beaches on the North Shore are famous for  being host to the world's premier surfing competitions and obviously some pretty serious waves!

Big D and I

Burying my feet in the sand since let's face it I don't get to do that here in Indiana!

La'ie Point

Other side of La'ie Point
Remember the opening scene of Jurassic Park - ya ... it was shot here! 

Kualoa Ranch
Kualoa Ranch - Where we ate lunch and apparently the site of the movie Formula 51 (which I've never seen) . We also drove by sites from Lost and Magnum, P.I.

Lake on Kualoa Ranch 

Nu'uanu Pali Lookout
The Nu'uanu Pali Lookout is the location of one of the most important battles in Hawaiian history. It was here, in 1795 that Kamehameha I fought one of his fiercest fights to unite the islands. Kamehameha succeeded after his conquest pushed all enemies over the edge of the lookout point. 
Our tour guide made us get shaved ice ... 

Shaved ice ... apparently a must-do/eat in Hawaii!

Gorgeous Waimanalo Beach. My favorite ... so I decided to leave our mark!  I always see honeymooners doing this so I thought it would be fun and it was! On a side note ... Big D and I were asked probably a dozen times if we were on our honeymoon and they even surprised us once at dinner with a congratulatory dessert. LOL! 

Halona Beach and Cove - also site of the famous beach-kissing (er...rolling in the sand) scene from one of my favorite all-time movies From Here to Eternity with the lovely Deborah Kerr! 

It was a smidge windy, but about 80 degrees, so who cares! 

At the top of the lookout sits the famous Shangri-La - Hawaiian estate of the late Doris Duke.

Last night in Honolulu at Roy's. One word ... AMAZING!

Macadamia nut crusted whitefish with lobster sauce. Yum-o!

I think Big D had beef tenderloin.

Good boy and cleaned his plate!

Dessert ... chocolate lava cake ... YES, PLEASE!

Hello, Maui ... have we met? Because I think I might be in love!

Sheraton Maui ... unbelievable!


The vista from the hotel

We headed straight for the beach. A much different vibe to Maui - more laid back and a bit less crowded than Waikiki Beach in Honolulu.

Black Rock point

Our home for a few days

Ahhh ... now this is what I call relaxation!

Where's my drink? Ahh yes ... 

Big D

This may have been a re-occurring theme in Maui ... oh that's admit it ... Oahu too!

We had a couple friends with us ... in fact one of these little buggers grabbed a cheeto right out of Big D's hand ... no joke!

Sunset in Maui

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  1. II could not believe how much we had to walk from place to place just at the Sheraton Maui Resort. It helped me keep extra pounds off for sure! Great pics!