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Hunk of Meat Monday: Momma's Sausage & Gravy with Biscuits

By February 13, 2012 , ,

Some of you might laugh when you see this recipe.

Mostly because it's so ridiculously simple that you've probably be cooking it with your eyes closed for the past couple decades. And that's where I need your help ...

See ... I didn't really have anyone to show me how to cook growing up, my mom wasn't into it and luckily I had roommates that loved to cook in college so I stuck to the basics of spaghetti, grilled cheese and Hamburger Helper for quite a while. That is until I got married six and a half years ago, I decided I better expand my recipe catalog or we would probably starve.

So ever since then I've been learning as I go, occasionally hitting a home-run and sometimes we toss whatever madness I tried to cook up and bake a frozen pizza in complete and utter defeat (which by the way there are some great frozen pizzas out there these days like Freschetta Brick Oven pizzas ... yummo!). But this blog (and many of yours) have really helped me, motivated me and inspired me to take risks in my kitchen like never before.

And I've made a goal recently to cook a real breakfast at least once a week usually either Saturday or Sunday (ie not a granola bar or bowl of cereal) morning. Call it a New Year's resolution if you will.

Scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls, bacon, sausage links, fruit salad, waffles are few examples (I know pretty basic) ... and this week sausage gravy and biscuits. Believe it or not, I've actually never cooked sausage gravy - though I've eaten my fair share.

The recipe is so simple why did it take me so long this I do not know.

It's almost too simple ... I want to know how I can beef it up so to speak. Maybe some diced chiles, butter, or even cheese? Or perhaps you are into making homemade biscuits - got a recipe you could share? How have you experimented with the standard ole' sausage and gravy recipe?

Please post comments below and let me know!

Momma's Sausage & Gravy with Biscuits

One pound of sausage
2 cups of milk
1/4 cup of flour or however much is needed to thicken the gravy
Buttermilk biscuits

Brown sausage. Add flour and milk as needed to make gravy.

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