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My NOT so Super Night at the SuperBowl XLVI Epicenter ...

By February 03, 2012 , ,

Indianapolis has been dubbed the "Epicenter of Awesome," as the host of SuperBowl 46. The city has received rave reviews from the NFL as this year's game day host. So of course, we wanted to see this for ourselves. I mean who knows if the SuperBowl will EVER be in our backyard again.

We had a great time seeing the sights of downtown - a city completely transformed into one big giant SuperBowl pre-game party. It was impressive, really it was. Alot of people I spoke to (self included!) were worried about parking, but we were able to nab a parking spot just two blocks from the SuperBowl Village. Score! We walked around, watched folks ride the zipline in front of the Indiana Convention Center and of course, scouted for celebrities. I personally saw one and I'm not even sure he counts ... Michael Yo from the E! Channel and Chelsea Lately. Apparently we just missed Tim Tebow at Palomino which is one of our fav restaurants downtown that we literally walked right into! Score 2!

But then the night took a turn for the worse - we were heading toward the Darius Rucker concert when a fireworks show started. I reached into my purse to grab my phone for a photo since my camera battery had died earlier. Reaching all around - I couldn't find it. The crowd was thick we couldn't move forward or backward - we decided to just turn around and get out of the crowd, because honestly it was was scary.

We got out of there and realized my phone was gone. It was a pretty short interval from when I had it and when I didn't so we traced our steps twice. No sign of my phone. We spoke with a police officer and he basically said, "Ma'am there's 35,000 people out walking around here, there's no chance in hell you are going to find your phone or that anyone will actually turn it in." Geez whiz officer thanks for the hopeless reply!

Then it hit me. My phone is gone. All the data, all the photos. All the videos of Reagan. I was physically shaking - freaking out a lot little. I was mad at myself. I was mad at Indianpolis. I was mad that someone would take someone else's phone and not turn it in or answer the calls and texts being sent to my phone. Did they just throw it in the dumpster - but WHY!? We called Verizon and had the account frozen and the phone listed as lost/stolen. I called today and tried to find out if any calls were made after I lost the phone. Nothing. The nice Verizon man did share with me that if anyone tried to reactivate the phone it would automatically be listed as a lost/stolen phone. That reassured me. Then he mentioned that many times folks will turn in a lost phone to a Verizon store. That reassured me a little. I like Mr. Verizon - he was much more comforting than silly Indy policeman.

So last night as I was trying to cope with my lost phone ... I played a little game that has really helped me in my hours of wake. It's called "You known what would be worse ..." There are bullet points - its my coping mechanism here, so bear with me. Some are kind of crazy ... but it helps put this incident in perspective for me that hey it could be worse!

-losing a child downtown at the SuperBowl village
-my purse being stolen or lost including any one of the contents - wallet or DSLR
-losing the keys to our car
-getting arrested
-someone getting shot
-putting an IV in RayRay's arm during her visit to the hospital for pneumonia
-giving RayRay regular breathing treatments (she is a complete bear!)
-our dog or cat getting hit on the road
-house burning down
-barns burning down
-being foreclosed
-burying my childhood horse, Jack in the winter of 2010
-not being able to have more children
-RayRay getting sick or hurt
-Big D getting sick or hurt

What it comes down to - is that it could be MUCH worse. We are lucky in a way. We are all healthy, happy, in love, safe and sound.

Getting a new phone tonight. I've certainly learned a good lesson after this loss - back up your phone data, numbers, videos and photos regularly! I won't make that mistake again that's for darn sure!

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  1. Oh so sorry your evening was ruined. Good to put it in perspective. I can just feel that sick spot in the stomach when you knew it was lost. Darn that big city! But as you said in the first part of your post, it really is quite impressive and much fun to have it right here in Hoosier land. God bless.

  2. I'm sorry your day was ruined, and sorry you lost your phone. We rely on them so now! I hope you got to see a little of the hoopla.

  3. Yes, there are way worse things, but that is a real "fun-sucker." The fact that the police officer wasn't more consoling does not make it any easier. The pictures and videos cannot be replaced. I completely understand your anger and hurt. Hopefully, you will be reunited with your phone in the future. And if not, it is alright to grieve over your loss!