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What's in a Name?!

By February 10, 2012 , , , , ,

Why are you the Hoosier Farm Babe?

Why is your hubby called Big D?

And RayRay ... whaa ...?

These are just a few of the questions I prob should've answered on my blog like a bazillion posts ago, but better late then never, right? So let's get to it, shall we?.

Why are you the Hoosier Farm Babe?
When I was in the early stages of developing my blog - I went through a creatives process to come up with the name - Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails. Since I am a Mary Kay Beauty consultant and lifelong farm gal with a love (not always the budget tho) for shopping and frilly girly fashion and beauty trends - I came up with Hoosier Farm Babe. Although, I don't consider myself a babe, I try my darnedest to put the fab in farming even with all the pig poo and tractor smoke.

But what's it really mean to be a "farm babe?"  Well ... I can have manure on my boots (and let's face it my pant legs too!), a baby on my hip and sweat under the brow of my Pioneer ball cap at 10 a.m. in farm work mode and then get all fab'ed up for an evening out on the town when people usually tell me ... "you don't look like a farmer!" Whoever said that farm gals can't look just as fabulous as ladies off of Fifth Avenue, anyways?!  It possibly all began in college when I was part of a trio of fabulous dairy farm gals called the Boiler Babes. You may know Liz @ Two Maids a Milking, she was part of this elite group of farm gals! Boiler Babes ... yea it just might've been painted on a basement wall in our college house. Yes, there are stories & photos ... and no, I won't be sharing said stories on this blog!

Why is your hubby called Big D?
Big D is short for my hubby's name - Dallas. It was his nickname in college most likely in reference to Big D - the capital city of Texas. I've always liked the nickname so much so that I wanted to name our farm  Big D Farms, LLC., but the man wanted something more professional. He was probably right ... it doesn't happen very often ... I guess I'll give him that one!

And RayRay ... whaa ...?

Raye is baby girl's middle name. So early on, my momma nicknamed her RayRay and it kinda stuck! And who doesn't love Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, I know I do, but not as much as I love my very own Sweet Baby RayRay!

So there you have it! 

Happy Friday everyone! Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

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  1. I learned something this morning! I didn't know you and Liz were Boiler Babes. Way Cool, and probably cold at times. Happy .com Birthday!

  2. RayRay is such a cutie! I have nicknames for all of my nieces/nephews - going to be hard to call them by their names when they get older and don't want to be called Colie (Cole) and TyTy (Tyler)!